Benefit Enrollment Software

Stop wasting time with paper enrollment 

According to, it costs $109.48 to manually enroll a SINGLE employee in benefits each year.  We streamline the enrollment process for you, make it easy for employees, eliminate paper forms and get you back to the business of your business in no time.  

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Eliminate Paper Enrollment
Employer Premium Contribution

Manage plans and premium contributions with ease

Once you have the benefit plans identified and how much you'll contribute to premium costs for employees, it's easy to set this up or have us set it up for you.  Premium contributions can be calculated however you want whether it's a flat amount, percentage, or other contribution.  

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Automate on-going benefits administration 

Life change events, terminations, and new employee enrollments, are concerns of the past.  We'll recognize when these events happen by integrating with your payroll or HR technology in order to automatically update benefit data for employees' spouse and dependents, terminated employees, or newly eligible employees.   

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Benefit Change Request
Digital Enrollment Forms

Efficiency previously only enjoyed by large companies 

Previously only large companies had a direct connection to carriers and that connection took at least 6-12 weeks to set up. We bring carrier connection to any size company.  And the best part?  We can build the connection and have you up and running in less than a week.  Take control of your benefits process and data, and deliver what's relevant to the insurance carrier without having to lift a finger.  

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