COBRA Administration Software

You have enough to worry about

With EverythingBenefits’ COBRA administration software and service, compliance with the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (i.e. COBRA) can be one less thing for you to do.  We do the heavy lifting and provide employees and their spouse or dependents with access to group benefits coverage when a COBRA qualifying event is experienced.

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COBRA Enrollment Form

Developing, customizing, printing, and mailing COBRA templates is a thing of the past

With our Department of Labor (DOL) compliant templates, we’ll handle the delivery and collection of these paper forms. We’ll even provide a solution for employees to manage this traditionally paper-intensive manual process online.

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Take the guesswork out of COBRA administration

Automatically deliver notifications to us that beneficiaries are becoming eligible for COBRA without having to lift a finger.  We’ll simply pull the terminations from your existing payroll, HR, or benefits solution.  We'll even manage the COBRA coverage timelines and election periods.   

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COBRA Timelines
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COBRA compliance just got easier!

It's not just easy for you, it's easy for COBRA qualified beneficiaries.  Once someone becomes eligible, they can easily enroll, make payments, cancel coverage at any time, and participate in the company's open enrollment too.  With reporting that provides you with insight into the COBRA administration we're doing behind the scenes, you're simply in compliance... and it's all fully audited, so you can prove you're complying.

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