Partnership Opportunities

EverythingBenefits brings together providers and consumers of benefits services and allows fluid innovation and growth critical in the fast-changing benefits delivery space. Partner with us to be a part of that change and jointly drive solutions that benefit everyone.

Benefits Carriers
  • Partner with us gain exposure to the new distribution channels by working closer with the Benefits Consultants and HRIS providers
  • Cut costs by streamlining benefit management processes and lower client support overhead by take advantage of built-in support tools
  • Leverage business intelligence data and better analytics to develop high-touch programs that protect margins & are more in-tune with client needs
HRIS Providers
  • Elevate the role you play to your clients by staying at the forefront of the cutting edge solutions in the benefits management industry
  • Streamline internal processes by integrating with a solution that will keep your enrollment data in sync with carriers. No more lost paperwork and missed deadlines
  • Help your clients focus on executing on their core strategies by reducing the amount of resources spent on non-mission critical tasks
We value relationships with our partners. Apart from leveraging synergy opportunities, we continue to learn from your expertise and appreciate your feedback.

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