Benefits Enrollment Solution

Tell me about EverythingBenefits' Benefits Enrollment & Management Solution

EverythingBenefits’ Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered solution streamlines enrollment and makes it easy for employers to make critical decisions while

reducing paper forms and manual processes.


Our solution is industry-agnostic, integrates quickly and seamlessly on top of your existing technology and is used by US Employers as well as our partners.

What are the key features/benefits of your solution?

  • AI-Powered Benefits Support. Our powerful technology compares employee's demographic data and personal preferences to the actual outcomes of millions of others, highlighting best benefits options. Learn more

  • Decision Support Tools provide side-by-side comparisons of plans, complete summaries and coverage documents, plus a built-in glossary.
  • Reduces Manual Labor.  Such as hunting down lost forms, re-enrolling employees on the carrier websites, negotiating carrier bills for termed employees, stuffing envelopes, and more.
  • Virtually Unlimited Configuration Options for employers make it easy to setup diverse offerings, new carriers, enrollment periods, eligibility and more.
  • Quick Carrier Connections can be established within 2-4 weeks and automatic connection to over 600 already integrated carriers.
  • Our Tech Adopts to Yours and has the ability to support virtually any kind of benefits offerings and organizational scenarios.
  • Reduce Compliance Risks. Helps catch and prevent errors, and lowers your liability risks
  • Exceptional Customer Service, something we're proud of and that our clients highly value. We offer 1st and 2nd tier support. One of our clients recently shared, EverythingBenefits customer service responsiveness is what makes you stand out compared to any of the other vendors that I work with currently. The CEO responds immediately and always follows up. The service from top down is second to none.”

What's does the dashboard look like?

EverythingBenefits dashboard is your control panel to everything about your Benefits Enrollment experience. Leverage a suite of pre-built reports that you can share on your dashboard - or build out your own focusing on what's important to you and your business. View data in the tabular or graphical format. Shuffle the reports around to your optimal arrangement. Our configurable dashboards provide insight into every aspect of your benefits administration and can be shared with peers - giving them access to data specific to their permissions levels.

The screenshot below show EverythingBenefits branded portal: 

Screen Shot 2020-06-19 at 3.58.09 PM

What kind of reports does EverythingBenefits offer?

Our Benefits Enrollment Solution offers a comprehensive range of reports, all which can be customized as needed. Here are a few examples below:

  • Built-in widgets help you stay ahead of mission-critical metrics such as Employee Turnover and Employee Churn.
  • Up to date Enrollment Participation
  • Enroll in benefits anywhere with our mobile solutions for iPhone & Android devices.
  • Unlimited number of reports in any format needed, graphical or tabular.
  • Configurable and shareable dashboards and more!

Can newly eligible employees enroll using EverythingBenefits?

  • Yes! Our enrollment portal can be used for Open Enrollment, New Enrollments, and Life Changes. The process is quick and easy, and directs employees through each step to complete their enrollment or coverage change.

How can I ensure employees are completing their enrollments within EverythingBenefits?

  • As an employer, you can view your employees’ progress and easily identify who has completed their enrollment, and where they are in the process. Reminders can be sent to your employees informing them to complete their enrollment within the system.

Are there tools to help employees through the enrollment process?

  • Yes, we have AI-Decision Support, our "Help Me" functionality, and quick access to different resources to support employees.

As an administrator, will I be able to customize what an employee sees during their enrollment process?

  • Yes! The Enrollment Wizard is customizable, allowing the use of your own verbiage, ability to include additional steps, and provide links to different resources that may be helpful to your employees.
How do I know which benefits providers EverythingBenefits is integrated with?

You can download our List of over 600 Connected Benefits ProvidersOur benefits carriers list is always expanding and we're able to add new carriers within two weeks of a request.

Where can I learn more about EverythingBenefits' Benefits Enrollment Solution?

The best way to get to know our Benefits Enrollment Solution is to Schedule a DEMO for a one-on-one with our product specialist. We look forward to solving all your benefits needs!

We'd love to show you we can automate your Benefit Enrollment process! Send us a note to schedule a DEMO.

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