Billing Consolidation™ & Payments

What is Billing Consolidation™?

Our Billing Consolidation™ solution automatically generates carrier invoices across any line-up of plans, business units and locations using benefits data and also calculates adjustments automatically.

Why would a company need a Billing Consolidation™ solution?

This tool is primarily used for self-insured and self-billed employers who generate carrier invoices each month, to eliminate the possible errors on manually generated invoices. 

What does EverythingBenefits’ Billing Consolidation™ solution offer?

Our solution provides the ability for clients to have all of their invoices generated on a schedule, with any adjustments already calculated, and sent to the carrier automatically along with payment. We also incorporate our robust reporting into this solution which allows for total insight into your billing history and trends.

Our technology supports any type of benefits billing scenarios. Choose when your self-insured benefits bills are automatically generated, and in what format.

Here's a look inside out platform.

billing consolidation from EverythingBenefits

Where can I learn more about Billing Consolidation Solution™?

The best way to get to know our Billing Consolidation™ Solution is to Schedule a DEMO for a one-on-one with our product specialist. We look forward to solving all your benefits billing needs!

Let us show you how our Dependent Eligibility Audit solution works. Send us a note to schedule a DEMO.

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