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Okay, maybe it’s not guaranteed, but it should be. The top independent payroll providers – the majority of the payroll company community – will gather in the “Entertainment Capital of the World” for the IPPA 2017 Sales and Marketing Conference. Before we get into how success is virtually guaranteed, let’s hit the basics:

IPPA Sales and Marketing ConferenceLocation:
Bally's Las Vegas – Reserve a Room Here
3645 S Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Registration and Sessions: Las Vegas Ballroom
Meals & Vendor Networking: Pacific/Jubilee Ballroom

Monday, February 20th - Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

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Conference Registration

For more details:
As a committee member, I’ve seen firsthand the excitement of the payroll companies coming into the event this year. With the trend towards expansion into human capital management – time and attendance, benefits management, and human resources – there has never been more opportunities for these companies to expand their market share. However, one thing is not changing, these companies are continuing to serve the market with solutions that solve BIG and small business problems.

This year’s theme is Marching Toward Success, and it’s all about taking steps towards helping companies focus on the business of their business and not administrative functions like employee onboarding, payroll taxes or rules, tracking hours, benefits enrollment, time off management, compliance, etc. These are tactical initiatives that are better automated through technology or outsourced to an expert.

As an attendee, you’ll learn the steps that make up a marketing and sales funnel which will drive companies towards utilizing your technology and services. Help ensure success by participating in discussion topics like:

  • How to maintain a military-like laser focus on what you’re going to learn at the IPPA as it relates to process and results with Mark McGinnis, a United States Navy Seal, and the President of SEAL Leadership.
  • What the competition and rest of the payroll services market is doing with Michael Young, the CEO of ConnectPay. This is always a game changer of a session that analyzes the current state of the industry giving IPPA members a clear understanding of how market changes should impact the way they do business. 
  • How to market your business generating inbound prospective customers through the use of social media with Corey Perlman, from eBoot Camp, Inc. He has two sessions – one focusing on social selling and another that’s a social eBoot camp that should whip your social media practices into shape. 
  • How to build your pipeline by qualifying leads and setting appointments with me as the panel moderator. I’ve focused on all aspects of the sales and marketing funnel as it relates to HCM for the past 10 years. I’ll be bringing in a panel of experts that will explore the best-kept industry secrets on building pipeline and how the products you provide, market you target, and individuals you speak with can be leveraged to effectively qualify leads and set appointments.
  • How to ask laser-focused questions to understand prospects problems with one of the stars of the association, Lee Roberts from Bergan KDV. Lee will talk about how asking the right questions can produce an enormous payoff and through this will share proven easy to implement strategies that you can begin using immediately to increase your sales and close rates.
  • BONUS: How to integrate benefits technology and services into your sales and marketing processes with me again. We’ll be discussing Benefits Technology Selling 101 to ensure you’re doing all that you can to capitalize on these newly required products and services for payroll companies.

Success is really up to you, you will have a great opportunity to significantly grow your business by attending these sessions, keeping track of the specific takeaways that you can execute from a sales and marketing perspective, and creating a plan to implement these upon returning to the office.

The key to success starts with your participation. So, be sure to check out as many of these sessions that you can.

Safe travels, everybody!

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