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checklistIt’s that time of the year again. Labor Day is behind us, summer has quickly slipped into our memories and we’re already we’re thinking of all the things Fall. It always seems to happen overnight. It’s often during this time of the year that companies roll out their Open Enrollment. 

We know it’s coming. We know we need reminders about selecting the plans to offer this year, deciding on the contribution policies, setting it all up on our ben admin systems, and then having the team plunge into the open enrollment pool off the deep end. And even If we’ve elected the same thing year after year - we darn well know we need a refresher. And it's never exactly the same year to year. But even still, we push it to the back of our To Do list, just because it’s easier that way.

So what would make us excited about Open Enrollment? Read on to find 5 unique ways to make this time of year exciting and fun.

With Open Enrollment we often need to sign up for something, a flu shot, a health screening...insurance.

What if, it was a contest, the first three people to turn in their forms receive a $25, $15, $5 Starbucks gift card? I know I’d be first in line!

What if, on the first day of open enrollment it’s also a happy hour - everyone gets to meet in the break room for some 4pm wine and cut out early?

What if, on the second day of open enrollment it’s WFH (work from home) for anyone who has already dotted their “i”s and crossed all their “t”s for the company requirements?

What if, for anyone who gets it all done on the first day - the company offers them an extra personal day to use at their discretion.

karaokeWhat if, everyone on your team completes OE by the end of the first day - you take the whole team out for daytime karaoke on a Friday?

Sometimes we need to give, to get. And though, as employers, we wish everyone would just do what our calendar reminders tell them to, there is something to be said about incentive. So whether you choose to do all 5, or maybe just a few, this time of year is one for renewal, refreshers, a new beginning, and maybe a little extra employee appreciation. Happy Open Enrolling!

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