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testimonial for everything benefitsThe latest research indicates that the business landscape is becoming more competitive. How can companies stand out in the face of this increased competition? One critical area which many businesses overlook is allocating time and resources to build a successful customer service team. According to the NewVoiceMedia 2018 report, 67% of customers are "serial switchers" - they change brands when they encounter poor customer service. Customer service really does matter!

We're really proud to have built an organization focused on customer service excellence and wanted to share some of elements that go into making it happen. Join Colleen Bryson, our VP of Client Services, as she shares behind-the-scenes look at our customer service team and our hiring processes. 

Invest in the Right Technology 

Our customer service team members are called client success representatives. Can you believe that each team member can support as many as 200 active implementation cases at one time? Our technology makes it easy to stay on top of various processes, stages, and multiple players like clients, carriers, brokers, service providers, and colleagues. The tech helps to takes care of the daily logistics, allowing our team to focus on what really matters - engaging with our customers and helping take care of their needs.

Hire People-Focused Team Members


The number one attribute that every EverythingBenefits team member must possess is the desire to help people. It's critical to ask the right questions during the hiring process such as what the candidate enjoyed about their previous role and what they didn’t, what excites them and what motivates them. These questions help ensure that their interests align with our goals, processes and culture. 

testimonial everything benefitsLook for Problem Solvers

Another question we ask during the interview is their relationship with technology. We're a technology company after all! Understanding how comfortable they are engaging with tech helps us gauge their creativity when it comes to problem solving, a critical personality trait for a client success rep. We steer clear of candidates who say, "I had my cousin, sister, or mom take care of my network or devices."

During the interview, make sure to ask candidates how they have solved their tech problems in the past. You can also pose a frequently occurring workplace scenario and ask them how they would solve it.

Include Current Team Members

We want our candidates to get a real look at who works at EverythingBenefits and see what they do on a day-to-day basis. That’s why we bring along our client success representatives to the interviews. They help paint an accurate picture of their job, as well as give us their feedback on the potential hire.

The takeaway is - involve your current team! They are going to be working with the new hire every day, so they should have a say too. Your candidates will appreciate the honesty and the chance to meet their potential colleagues. 

Personality Assessment Tools

In addition to the interview, we use personality profiling tools to get a better insight into who our candidates are at this point of their lives. Successful candidates consistently score high on motivation, openness and patience as personal characteristics. While individual scores may vary, it's these characteristics that indicate a strong potential for a successful customer representative.

Forming the Perfect Customer Service Team

Overall, hiring is an art and science and a lot of it comes down to having an honest conversation during the interview. The right hire will help you stand apart from the competition and build a solid foundation to your organizations success.

What are some of your critical measurements or questions to assess fit for your team? Let us know! 

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