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It’s a well-known fact that most people are unsure of what exactly makes them happy, which has implications for employee benefits. Will free snacks help ensure Jack doesn’t develop a “wandering eye” for other companies? Or will employer-sponsored cat insurance help Jill maintain her high level of enthusiasm at work?

With employee benefits being a critical element for retaining employees, EverythingBenefits, a benefits technology company, is excited to introduce Benefitzzz, a solution that helps translate dreams into desired employee benefits. The long-awaited next-gen wearable technology will help thousands of employers place their benefit dollars where it counts.

wearable-techBenefitzzz uses advanced neuro-reading technologies capable of analyzing employee dreams in real-time, while translating them into the applicable benefits. By reading the high-frequency brain waves during the REM state, the solution sends neuroimaging data to the employers HR or HCM system triggering the new benefit creation.

Research published in the Journal of Neuroscience, "provides compelling insights into the mechanisms that underlie dreaming and the strong relationship our dreams have with what we desire" (employee benefits included).

One research participant dreamt he was on a long flight with his in-laws to a beach destination, a dream during which the individual experienced a high level of cortisol, a stress hormone that can cause blood pressure to increase. By analyzing the participants' brainwaves, the solution triggered an automatic “busy calendar'' event for the next 6 months, pre-booking the employee for meetings, team building exercises, and work trips, ensuring he would not be available for any family trips in the near future. The participant woke up to a feeling of deep relief and extreme appreciation for the employer who clearly recognizes the importance of emotional well-being.

In the laboratory setting, Benefitzzz technology has proven to be extremely effective at maintaining employees' high-level of engagement and warding off fantasies of other employers.

*Disclaimer: This blog post is not meant to be taken seriously and Benefitzzz, unfortunately, is not a solution that EverythingBenefits supports. Happy April Fools’ Day! :) 

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