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Understanding which benefits your employees desire is essential in designing a competitive benefits package. We recently addressed this topic from a multi-generational perspective in our blog post, "Employee Benefits: Bridge The Gap In Your Workplace", where we examined the needs and wants of Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Generation Z. While there are indisputable trends within each generation, its important to explore this topic from an individual standpoint as well. Earlier this year, we ran a second installment of a contest where we ask individuals what benefits they wish for. Here are some of the submissions we received in 2020.

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"Alkaline battery recycling! We recycle paper and plastic at work, but think how many AA batteries get thrown away when your mouse batteries wear out. We should be recycling those too - they are terrible to just put in the trash." SB

"I wish my company would give allow for a small recurring budget to help support a non-profit of my choice." YL

"Crayola has a marker recycling program for schools in the US. It would be great if every company appointed an employee who collects used markers from our workplace to bring to a local school for recycling. Every little bit helps!" SL

"I would love it if our company has an internal page or an area of the office for sharing second hand items like books, clothes, toys and other items an employee longer needs with the team." RJ

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"A family forming benefit that covers everything from adoption, infertility, surrogacy, and egg-freezing, and more." CCK

"Tuition reimbursement for online tutors for children" AK

"A good insurance - so I can support myself and my family with the best medical care I can get." BP

"I wish parents would receive extra parent off days for when my kids are sick. Last year, I used up all of my personal and sick days caring for my kids, and none were left over for my sick days" TV

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benefits desired by millennials"One employee benefit I wish for is pet insurance! Although most companies offer health insurance for their employees and their families, they often forget about the other important members of their family: pets. Pet insurance is very expensive, so including it in an employees benefits would be so helpful and kind." NC

"Remote working - if not everyday, at least 2 to 3 times a week. I like the flexibility; it saves time from being in traffic and offers great work life balance." XL

"Beer and wine Fridays to encourage collaboration and conversation among various teams." IM

"Some offices have video games or karaoke machines. Would be great to have some with colleagues to unwind after a long day."

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"Mental health days are equally as important as vacation days, and I think that organizations should include them as employee benefits. The mental health days could be a combination of 3 additional days off, as well as semi-annual in office events. By making them separate from vacation days and developing mental health programs, employees will feel more valued, can become more productive, and may become more loyal to the company that cares about their mental health" DD.

"A wellness employee who provides shoulder massages, diet and exercise guidance, etc located within the office. To help improve the health and happiness of the employees. Discounts and special offers to help employees relax and enjoy life." KS

"A comprehensive wellness plan - not just a gym discount - because employees are more than just whether or not we want to sweat off pounds. We are financial well-being, work-life balance, corporate giving and matching for the charitable programs that touch everyone's heart - it should be well-rounded well-being that helps everyone be a better employee and management should find the funds to make this a necessity." MBG

"Foot or body massage gift cards for birthdays or holidays to help ease some of the stress would be a very welcome gift" JS

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work life balance employee benefits"All-expenses paid vacation where every 4 hours of community service equals one raffle entry. Also, uncounted PTO day for the birthday of a family member or partner." CG

"Paid time off- sometimes life gets in the way and it would be beneficial for me to have this benefit to lessen some anxiety." MS

"I wish for unlimited vacation days. Leave it up to the discretion of the employee if they want to get paid or not." HD

"Remote working - if not everyday, at least 2 to 3 times a week. I like the flexibility; it saves time from being in traffic and offers great work life balance." XL

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"Emergency Benefit - This would include possibly emergency pay for up to 2 weeks if needed, Emergency flight/stay- if needed, during a time like now (documentation/proof required). Pay advance in cases of emergency. This is what I consider a true emergency benefit. Possible food/gas card as well, These are all things that people will need in an emergency. If companies provided this, it says a lot about how they value employees." AH

cosmetic surgery as an employee benefit

"Employer paid vanity benefits? 100% paid cosmetic procedural costs paid by the employer; all procedures included in the plan." BH

Thank you to everyone who shared their great ideas! We are looking forward to running more contests in the future on this topic and incorporating some of these into our own benefits package.

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