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Company Culture. It may be a tricky thing to define. For some people, company culture has become a bit of buzzword in last 10-20 years, but for us here at EverythingBenefits…it’s more than that. It’s how we define who we collectively strive to be.

If I had to guess…chances are, most people spend as much time or more with their coworkers than they do with their loved ones (not that I don’t love my coworkers!). It’s through this time together that we develop our own special bond and develop our culture as a group. A strong culture within an organization attracts better talent and makes it likely that they’ll stay with your firm for longer. Even beyond that, positive company culture drives better outcomes for our partners and clients. As we strive to better ourselves and help each other grow (while having a bit of fun in the process), we are more successful in our mission of helping others. So what's our company culture like?

EverythingBenefits’ Culture in a Nutshell

Fun fact: EverythingBenefits is a benefits tech startup and that means that our culture is still evolving. Every new person brings something special into the fabric of our group – but therein lies the fun! Here are just some of the themes that formulate this collaborative “work-in-progress”:

“All work and no play…” – Not here!

The one thing that strongly stands for everyone on the team is the drive to go beyond and to do better. Looking back at my first days, weeks, and months here I can definitely say that I had gone a long way professionally and personally - and still have a way to go! Many of my teammates would share the same observation, even though what each one of us does each day may differ. It's a very exciting feeling. 

But beyond the obvious “getting done what needs to be done” aspect of the business, we like to have fun here and not take ourselves too seriously.

I remember when we started gaining speed in terms of company growth this year – and finding out that I’d have to get used to having more than 10 employees around. This meant that instead of putting up some dreary-looking cubicles, we had some fun building more open and collaborative work spaces.


We frequently make use of these spaces for after-work celebrations (when not hitting up the local pub for our monthly Thirsty Thursday get-together) and other after-work shenanigans. Closed a deal? Ring the deal bell on the wall and play a game of cornhole to work off the excitement!

Grow, learn, and do something interesting

Research shows that 92% of employees suggest having access to professional development is “important” to them. We understand this, and that’s why we put a focus on offering tuition reimbursement. A number of my team members are taking advantage of this opportunity and had enrolled in a variety of classes and graduate programs to expand their backgrounds and learn something new. 

Our exec team makes it their personal mission to foster an exciting and fulfilling career-path for each of us, with the view of the individuals' interests and talents. To that effect, we have a growing library of business books that everyone is welcome to borrow. Cross-training opportunies are also common - we enjoy joining our teammates on their client and partner sessions. One day I may be able to handle an implementation on-boarding call like a pro. Well, that day may be in a distant future. Certainly not giving up my marketing seat just yet. 

Finally, for the athletic-minded, an on-site gym offers a nice break for the daily routine and a chance to work off some of the morning snacks, working lunches, and afternoon deserts. 

Supporting our local community and veterans

eb2.jpgGiving back to the community that you sit within is always an important task, both as individuals and as a wider company. EverythingBenefits offers our employees the opportunity to participate in a charity of their choice for one working day per year.

We’re proud supporters of the veterans in our area, and the wider community is integral to our company culture.

Say hello to Favio Cerezo, a Customer Success Specialist on our Forms team and Former Marine Combat Veteran – he’s been an integral part of EverythingBenefits since joining and has been vocal about supporting charities such as Wounded Warrior Project and Homes for our Troops. We hope to amp up the support for our local community and veterans next year - with team members like Favio leading the way, we're bound to make a big impact.

Diversity Rocks

We’re lucky to have an office filled with incredibly smart and fun employees from all walks of life and from all over the world. We've got gamers, psychologists, data scientists, bankers, a jewerly salesman, and even a professional shopper. You might hear a lively discussion in Russian, German, or Spanish; or be exposed to the wild stories of growing up as an American in Singapore from Nick Stearns, one of our resident sales gurus.

People are always willing to share their culinary delights. Liz Viola, who does brokerage relations for us, spoils us with her cookies. Kevin Kelso from our account management team occasionally treats us to marvelous Greek treats. I've even heard a good thing or two about my own banana bread recipe. Speaking of food, our kitchen is routinely stocked with international snacks and treats from all over the world – including Italy, UK, France, Greece, India, Japan, Ukraine, Singapore, and more.


Like I said, forging a company’s own unique culture is one of the trickiest things to do for any business, let alone a startup. We’re still building ours as we grow, and that’s what makes this a “work-in-progress” and also a task ahead of us. We look forward to many new faces to add to the evolving fabric of our team. Are you on-board?

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