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We recently announced a new range of services for our partner community – expanded use of our EDI and template library, as well as the new Carrier Connectivity Certification Program. These new services will bring added value to our partners and customers who already benefit from our technology solutions that bring together carriers, payroll, and enrollment systems. Now, our larger partners can leverage EverythingBenefits technology to generate their own EDIs and digitized forms, currently accepted by over 600+ carriers nationally. Here are some of the highlights:

Colleagues standing in a data center in front of drawings of chartsFaster, More Efficient Carrier Interface

Larger organizations with internal IT resources can bring the carrier connectivity function in-house and develop their own EDIs, making the communication with carriers faster and more efficient. Our partners can now file, sort, and send data to carriers according to file types, benefit types (for example, medical, vision, life, Heath Saving Account (HSA), Flexible Spending Account (FSA) contributions/funding files, and all 401k/403b retirement plans). Data can be securely exported in a variety of formats via wire-encrypted communication channels. Formats include: 834, CSV, Excel, flat text, fixed length/fixed width, and custom, API.

New Opportunities for Partners and Resellers

Use of our world-class, process-driven CRM streamlines communications between carriers, payroll providers, and clients, fully automates the process of sending and receiving updates like changes in coverage, new enrollments, employee terminations, and more. Partners who already use our technology for carrier and payroll communications will have increased accessibility to our other solutions like Benefits Reconciliation and COBRA. Much of the relevant data is already organized and configured on our platform, making it easier for add-ons and future integrations. Future integrations will include accounting systems and ERP's (Enterprise Resource Planning).

Portrait of a happy female student using laptop computer in universityCertification Program

Our new Carrier Connectivity Certification Program will equip individuals with the tools and resources necessary to become “power-users” of the EverythingBenefits’ carrier and financial connectivity technology framework. The Certification Program will also teach industry-standard reporting and secure data-management practices, including how to build and populate EDI-834 files, digital enrollment forms, and much more.  Our partner employees who earn certification will tap into a wealth of EDI knowledge and capabilities that are applicable beyond the EverythingBenefits technology platform. 

The opportunities to make existing processes more efficient through technology are endless. Our new EDI and carrier connectivity services allow our partners to enhance and improve benefits administration processes for internal HR, and IT teams driving better experiences for their customers. With the availability of extra resources – EDI, form template library, certification program – organizations can do more with our carrier and financial connectivity solutions. If you would like to know more about this program or all of our employee benefits administration solutions, please contact our team

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