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We and our partners are like penguins. Once we meet, we’re in it for the long-haul. :)

Recently, we wrote about our partner network and how our partners inspire us to innovate our products.  Like all good partnerships, the results have been mutually beneficial, a win-win for us, our partners, and their clients.

In just three short years, we’re proud to have forged over 180 partnerships that support 2,000+ employers in making benefits administration a smooth and seamless process. We love getting outstanding feedback from our partners, particularly hearing that their businesses have grown as a result of partnering with us.

Partnership Drives Long-term Growth Strategy

Starting to work with EverythingBenefits often marks an important shift in go-to-market strategy for our partners. Many of them operate in tight markets that offer a broad range of competitive options their customers can choose from. We understand this, and do everything in our power to deliver exceptional products that truly meet and exceed expectations. When our partners integrate EverythingBenefits products with their in-house offerings, they can deliver a stronger, more holistic, and competitive portfolio of products and services. Jennifer Kretovic, HR Solutions Architect at Checkmate Payroll Services, calls it “magical,” noting that, “it’s amazing… our clients use EverythingBenefits COBRA Administration to streamline processes with third-party administrators, giving them the COBRA details they need at their fingertips. The success of the product also helps us attract and retain more clients.”

We Help Transform HCM and Benefits Platforms

As many of our partners have already discovered, the human capital management (HCM) and benefits worlds have converged, creating an environment where many customers now expect a one-stop-shop for all of their HCM and benefits needs. We understand this new reality, and love to see our partners improve their overall competitiveness by offering solutions powered by our technology. As an example, our partner MPAY utilizes EverythingBenefits technology to enhance its payroll and HCM platform called Payentry. MPAY’s President and CEO praised the partnership, saying, “Our unique partnership with EverythingBenefits ensures that Payentry will remain the SMB solution of choice by delivering an online, integrated and best-in-class HCM solution.” We go beyond the technical bridge that allows seamless connectivity between benefits and HCM platforms. We train, share ideas, provide marketing and implementation support, and remain committed to ensuring a smooth benefits experience for everyone. We’re in it for the long-haul!

Partners Receive Full-Service Support

In collaboration with our partners, we’ve developed a market-tested model that helps them bring EverythingBenefits products to their customers. It covers all the bases from go-to-market strategy, customer engagement, marketing roll-out, and back-end support for white label implementations. For example, we recently partnered with Dominion Payroll Services (DPS) to implement our Carrier Connectivity solution and helped design co-branded marketing materials for their customers. This allowed them to easily illustrate the value, options, and features of the solution.

From designing co-branded materials to strengthening our clients overall competitiveness – these are just a few highlights of our partnership program. We’re excited to be on the journey of revolutionizing benefits and grateful to all our partners for being on this journey with us.

Just as penguins bond to survive in the harshest conditions, we bond with our partners to grow and prosper together for the long term. :)

Click here to learn more about our partnership program or contact our team at bizdev@everythingbenefits.com.

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