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To celebrate Halloween this year (and have a little fun!), we ran a Caption Contest for our clients and friends. We enjoyed reading all the clever submissions and wanted to share some of the best ones below. Thanks to everyone who participated, and congratulations to SP on their winning entry! 


"Excuse us, we are a little lost, can you help us with our OE? Our current platform has left us hanging and we are "dying" for some assistance with how to manage it ourselves." -IJ

"Death audits can be quite a scream!" -CM

"Don't be frightened - it's just open enrollment!" -JM

"What do you mean we are not eligible for "Life Insurance" just because we are ZOMBIES?" - KD

"You two should take advantage of the Employee Assistance Program! Perhaps you need some assistance with life/ work balance and nutrition!" -SW

"The DEADline is today. Give us your Benefits Enrollment Form NOW!" - EB

"What I feel like On Monday <---- VS what I feel like on Friday --->" -SO

"How to Tame the Paper Monster." EB

"Don’t let Benefit Enrollment seem like Monsters that Scare you.  Sign up with Everything Benefits and let them take your fears away." -SP

"I'm not sure I agree with management's new theme: "It's more useful to have someone fear you than respect you." -CA

"Human Resources during Open Enrollment trying to get everything in before the deadline." -JH

"Guess I should have worn my mask!!" -JH

"Banish the Paper Eating Zombies. Uprise into the paperless 21st Century!" -LL

"EEEKKKKKK!!! More 2020 ghastly zombie regulations!" EB

"When those candidates that Ghosted you try to reapply!" -KR

"This looks like a great time to discuss wearing masks and practicing social distancing!" -TR

"The annual rising of Open Enrollment and ACA from the dead!" -MT

"You thought we were expanding your brain for business purposes!" -CS

"If Monday was a picture" -RE

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