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It's our birthday! We wanted to take a moment to revisit EverythingBenefits history, share a few recent milestones, and offer a sneak peek of what's coming next. What started out as a small team of technologists stuck in a dusty office teeming with discarded paperwork, turned into a mission to move us into the digital realm and transform the benefits experience for all.

How it all started..

filesDan, Dmitry & I were sub-leasing office space from a small brokerage company and exploring potential opportunities. Our small team of founders has been together through several ventures and we were on a mission to find new ideas. Our office space was littered with tons of paper folders from old and current customers. After seeing our broker-neighbors scramble to figure out the handwriting on the 100th? 1000th? enrollment form we realized that there has to be a better way. After talking to many folks and doing a lot of research, we knew we wanted to be in the #BenefitsAutomation space to help modernize not just the forms, but the industry overall.

Once we started, there was no turning back. The chart below shows our progress over the last 5 years. What started with just 1 product in 2015, has grown to 9. What began with 1 client, has grown to over 10,000.

We're so proud of how far we've come, and so grateful to everyone who helped get us there. And we aren't done yet!




Where we are today..

2019 was a year of explosive growth for EverythingBenefits. We grew from 3,000 corporate clients on the tech to over 10,000. The number of platform users had doubled to reach the 2,000,000 mark. We're excited that our solutions are making a difference not just for our customers, but also creating competitive differentiators and driving additional revenues for our many partners in the Payroll, HCM, PEO, ERP, and brokerage space.

Our lineup of products today includes:

It goes without saying, we couldn't have done it without our clients and partners. Over the last 5 years, our ecosystem has been our muse - inspiring new products, suggesting new features, and always keeping us on our toes :).

Our Values

volunteerEverythingBenefits Team - you make everything possible! It's humbling to see commitment to the mission, which starts, first and foremost, with challenging yourself to never stop growing; being open and resilient to new challenges; being thorough and always looking for a better way; and, still, finding the time for those who need it the most. 

One of our beloved yearly traditions is an Annual Service Day, a day that employees can devote to their favorite cause. Last year, we went out to raise money for veterans, helped fight hunger with a food drive, visited children’s hospital, and helped clean a pet shelter. 





What's coming next...

magnetsIn the last few years, we've become more vocal in the #HRTech community. We have spoken at a number of HR, technology and leadership events. We need more voices out there to help us all. 

Most recently, we hosted a panel on HR automation in New York City that featured our partner Picwell, executives from Fortune 500 companies and top-tier media. The consensus was that automation can free up HR Admins to execute on larger initiatives, and the key is finding the right balance between automation and human touch.

As with prior years, we're hitting the road to spread the word about #BenefitsAutomation around the country. We'd love to meet you in person! See where we'll be next.

Finally, if our 9 products are an indication, there's a lot more in store! We're continuously working on new features and solutions to continue on our mission of automating Everything, Benefits. Stay tuned for the updates. We always welcome feedback and suggestions on what the market needs. Send us a note here.

Thanks for joining us to celebrate our 5th birthday, and being a part of our community!  


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