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telemedicineWith COVID taxing our medical industry heavily, seasonal allergies, mental health, and yearly check-ups have unfortunately become secondary health concerns. One new thing you may want to add to your arsenal this year is telemedicine. For those unfamiliar, telemedicine offers a virtual appointment with nurses and doctors who can help address a number of medical concerns, recommend the best treatment plan and call in a prescription - all from the comfort of your home. EverythingBenefits is seeing a trend in non-traditional healthcare choices such as telemedicine, which is why we we developed a seamless integration to add to your benefits toolkit.  

This year, we had the chance to experience the benefits of telemedicine ourselves. EverythingBenefits offers HealthiestYou to its eligible employees. What we like about this service in particular is that it connects you to licensed doctors across the nation, whereas other telemedicine apps typically will connect you to nurses who won't be able to prescribe medicine. Amazingly, there's just a short wait time of just 9 minutes and their networked physicians have an average of 20 years of experience under their belt. There are even helpful suggestions on how to reduce pharmacy costs as a map feature built straight into the app itself, letting users find the cheapest prescription drugs available based on their insurance. Last, but not least, our team LOVES that there is no co-pay for these services.

We interviewed two of our employees who used the HealthiestYou app recently.  Here's what they had to say:

"The first time I used it was to treat a rash. Within minutes, I was connected with a medical professional who was able to review my issue, provide me with a diagnosis and prescribe treatment. I was amazed at the speed and quality of service. The app saved me time, money, and gave me instant peace of mind." 

"In a manner of minutes I received a call to go over my symptoms. Twenty minutes later I had antibiotics at the pharmacy to treat my respiratory infection and was better a few days later. It saved the time of having to go to the doctor as well as the cost of seeing the doctor." 

HealthiestYou Pricing

From an employer's perspective, HealthiestYou is invaluable. Priced at just $9 per employee or less for companies with more than 100 employees, the app allows users to get faster treatment, therefore reducing absenteeism in the workplace by 2.2 days per person per year. For self-insured employers there is the added benefit of helping them reduce costs and redirect claims. At a 40% app utilization rate, a company with 500 employees can expect to save well over $65,000 a year. Reportedly, the app utilization rate supposedly increases to 58% in the second year, which would increase the ROI to nearly $114,000.

One of our partners who integrated HealthiestYou through EverythingBenefits shared that, "Our client's team has a lot of young children and they know that it’s not that fun to bring their kids to the doctor's. It's definitely a perk to be able to just call in or do a video conference". Their client shared positive feedback as well, saying that, “it’s easy to navigate, and I like that you can compare prescription prices with other pharmacies." There are an overwhelming number of positive reviews endorsing HealthiestYou online, which is consistent with the app's 95% satisfaction rate.

We like HealthiestYou so much that we've developed an integration to make it easier and more seamless to add to your benefits toolkit. Some of the benefits of integrating through EverythingBenefits, include:

Free Set-Up: Our clients can get set-up on HealthiestYou free of cost, as it works in conjunction with our Carrier Connectivity solution.

Quick Implementation: By utilizing the existing connection to our client's HRIS, we're able to decrease the speed of implementation down to just 2 weeks. 

Competitive Pricing: Through a special relationship with HY, the rates that you see above are only available to our partners and clients.

All signs point to telemedicine continuing to be a growing workforce trend, one that's already disrupting the healthcare industry. One of the major factors behind this growth is the rapid adoption by Millennials, our nation's largest generational group of about 83 million - almost half of whom reportedly don't have a primary doctor. The Millennial's preference for convenience, connectivity and alternative health options  are disrupting the time-honored model of office-based primary care. We recognize these trends and are making our technology investments to better-serve HR organizations and meet the demands of this younger workforce (one that's particularly challenging to recruit and retain). With so much uncertainty over which benefits to offer for improved employee retention and attraction, telemedicine is trending to be an obvious choice.

If you need help integrating HealthiestYou or any other telemedicine providers (we connect to most!), send us a note to bizdev@everythingbenefits.com.

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