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Last month, Colleen Bryson, our VP of Client Success, detailed important tips for hiring customer service representatives. In this post, Colleen shares valuable insights about how team culture and values help each team member get off to a great start once they’ve joined our team. 

At the heart of every successful client success team is a passion for helping clients achieve their goals. When each member of the team has the desire, willingness, and ability to go the extra mile for clients, the end result will leave an incredible and lasting impact on the entire customer experience. In fact, one study found that 68% of surveyed customers said the customer service rep was key to a recent positive service experience. Client happiness is extremely important to our team, which is why we focus on instilling the following three values in all our new employees before diving into any technical training.

Support Team Culture

Everything from how we communicate with one another to how we solve problems, it all comes down to building and supporting a culture of openness and collaboration. For example, our managers conduct regular one-on-ones with each direct report, which provides frequent opportunities for relationship-building and talking through challenges as they arise. We also have weekly team meetings and team building activities that get people thinking and generating new ideas about how we can operate better as a team.


Part of our success is built on creating regular opportunities for each member of the team to interact with one another. Cross-team communications and joint projects allow people from different units to build relationships and support each other. In all cases, having opportunities to communicate face-to-face even if digitally, takes precedence over email and phone communications. 

Think Outside the Box

outside.the.box.bwNo two clients are the same, and because of their unique needs, each member of the team will need to look for creative solutions to solve problems that may arise. No rep joins the team knowing how to answer every client question or solve every problem that arises, so managers play a key role in teaching new members of the team and modeling the right behaviors. 

One important way our team members are trained to think outside the box (as cliche as it sounds) is through critical thinking. Instead of rushing to action, critical thinking supports the development of a number of possible solutions, helping reps to identify the best one. Resourcefulness is another important characteristic of thinking outside the box. Each person is trained to use resourcefulness, creativity and common sense to propose solution on their own, rather than waiting for the "right answer" from their manager. We never stop being amazed what inventive ideas our team comes up with! 

Challenge Yourself

challenge.yourselfOne of our core values is growth. Without personal growth, we can't grow as a company and deliver the best value for our customers. As such, each team member is encouraged to track their personal goals and successes and document them along the way with frequent (written) reflections on how far their path has taken them. We take personal pride for individual successes an celebrate them as a team. 

All in all, a healthy team culture benefits each member of the team and their growth. Every day, our customer service reps make a difference by living company values in their interactions with other members of the team and with clients. 

Team culture of collaboration, creativity and ongoing personal development are the 3 critical components for our client success team to actually be successful. In what ways does your company culture benefit your clients? We’d love to know!

In the upcoming posts, Colleen will share additional insights of some of the elements of professional training we do as a team.

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