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The EverythingBenefits and PrismHR partnership offers you a one-stop-shop for your payroll, HR, and benefits needs.

COVID-19 has brought on dramatic changes to our workforce, the ways in which we conduct business, and our everyday life. The unprecedented number of furloughed or jobless, growing budget concerns, and the frequency of employees coming off and on benefits plans have all had an effect on the way employers view benefits administration. We recently hosted a webinar on this topic with our partner PrismHR. You can replay it here or read some of our highlights below.

Operating a business is increasingly challenging during this time, and as a PEO, your responsibility is to find the most cost-efficient (yet, cutting-edge) solutions for your clients. Luckily, you came to the right place. 


EverythingBenefits and PrismHR

The EverythingBenefits and PrismHR partnership offers companies a one-stop-shop for their payroll, HR, and benefits needs. Since teaming up with PrismHR, we’re pleased to be the first and most widely used COBRA Administration solution and the only Benefits Reconciliation solution on the PrismHR Marketplace. Our solutions integrate seamlessly with the PrismHR platform, so your data can flow from payroll to benefits and back without any issues.

Leverage Our Solutions

With millions applying for unemployment benefits, it can be a challenge to keep up. Our COBRA Administration solution allows you to review, approve, or reject COBRA qualifying events in just two clicks. Changes are monitored in real-time, so you'll never miss a deadline or an update.

Benefits carrier invoices can be error-prone. According to one study, 12-15% may contain errors in the form of overpayment, underpayment, or employees enrolled in the wrong plan. The manual reconciliation of data can be extremely time-consuming, and a potential compliance liability if errors are not caught in time. Our Benefits Reconciliation solution automatically compares carrier invoices against employee premiums to highlight any potential issues. In a time when every penny counts, this solution can make you a hero in your clients' eyes!

Our newest solution, Payments & Collections, was rolled out specifically to support employers with employees on reduced payroll, furlough, or leave. For mandatory payments that would have normally come out of payroll, like a 401(k) loan repayment, our solution will facilitate the collection so employees won't fear lapsing on their policies and other financial obligations.

Learn more about our solutions on the PrismHR Marketplace.

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