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Someone once said that innovation lives in the wisdom of the crowds... And there has never been a wiser crowd than our partners 😊.

Our partners have been our everyday muse and inspiration in the journey of transforming the benefits experience for all. Whether they represent regional payroll providers, large HCM tech platforms, brokerage houses, or benefits providers, these amazing organizations and talented individuals have helped us better understand their customer journey and experience. They provide awesome ideas on how to innovate and develop better technology solutions, and help us deliver better products to all of our customers. Here are some examples of how our partners have helped shape our creative vision.
Partners Encourage Us to Listen

Our partners are the true voice of the customer. They listen to and assess their customers’ needs, and then deliver insights that encourage us to seek new and improved ways to offer innovative product solutions. Insights from our partners include ideas for integrations and APIs, report configurations, and how to enhance the experience for different types of end-users. As an example, one of our partners in the human capital management space, Integrated Payroll Services Inc., drove the evolution of our 401(k) Financial Integrations solution, providing valuable suggestions around product design, features, and delivery to the end-user. Thanks to their insights, the product evolved into a robust 401k 180- and 360-degree solution that gives the rest of our partner community and their clients more flexibility in their 401k plan management, including flexible data delivery to match a range of payroll cycles and integrations with over 40 retirement plan vendors nationwide.

Partners Encourage Us to Be Better

Even the most sophisticated technology requires the best drivers to truly make the most of it. Our partners drive our innovation by generating invaluable ideas for smarter workflows, better controls, and more powerful analytics. Their ideas help us better understand client behavior and expectations, so that we can introduce proactive solutions that help them work more efficiently. For example, our partners at Innovative Business Solutions have been a key driver in our journey toward redefining business processes and challenging our assumptions about what customers really want. They offered brilliant suggestions for improving our overall partner onboarding process and how to streamline new order processing. They also provided helpful process ideas for how to improve the open enrollment process, transforming what is often a stressful time of year for many employees and employers into an experience that is simpler, more predictable, and easier to navigate.  
Partners Drive Innovation

We talk to our partners about which products to deliver, the most-valued features, and how to deploy them so that we can deliver the most seamless technology experience for all. For example, our successful Benefits Reconciliation solution was greatly enhanced in the development stage by one of our partners, Propel HR. They provided input on the look and feel of email notifications and user screen views, helping us refine product functionality and deliver the industry’s only automated tool that continuously verifies benefit plan data with enrollment, payroll, and carrier invoices.

Our partners have helped to drive our success. We are proud to work with over 180 partners who have helped us grow to 2,000 customers representing over 500,000 employees over the last three years. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship. The ideas and suggestions from our partners help us to develop technology solutions that they can take back to their clients in the form of enhanced and more comprehensive products and services. Our partners are experts in their fields and understand how to apply best practices to improve the customer experience all around.

Learn more about our partner programs by contacting us at bizdev@everythingbenefits.com. If you are already a partner and want to connect to brainstorm another brilliant idea, contact us anytime at partners@everythingbenefits.com.

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