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With benefits being a critical tool to attract and retain today's workforce, employers are scrambling to create compelling benefits plans that meet their employees’ wide range of needs. However, the challenge that HR administrators face every day, is figuring out how to manage their growing benefits portfolios without running into compliance issues.

With this in mind, we're thrilled to announce the release of our new e-book: "Technology Matters: Leveraging EverythingBenefits’ solutions to prevent common benefits administration pitfalls." Inside our free 12 page e-book we cover common and often frequently occurring benefits scenarios that can result in fines, premium leakage, financial liability and even the loss of your company's 401(k) plan. Specific scenarios are as follows:

  • ebook3-1When an employee’s dependent turns 26, but their payroll and HRM systems are not in sync
  • When terminated employees are left on the benefits plan
  • When an important benefits document is lost
  • When a school district (or an employee) unknowingly pays for ineligible dependents
  • When an organization misses their 401(k) employer contribution
  • When an organization is penalized for not providing affordable health care
  • When an organization relies on manual processes to send enrollment changes
  • When an organization reports new hires manually

We hope our e-book sheds light on some of the possible "tricky" benefits scenarios, so that HR Admins can be proactive about moving away from any manual or paper-based processes.

Download Technology Matters, a must read e-book for anyone in HR. Also, check our some of our earlier e-books including Benefits Trends and Controlling The Cost of Benefits.

What did you think of our e-book? Get in touch with our team to share your feedback, ideas for future content, or support in resolving your benefits headaches.

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