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A few months ago, EverythingBenefits began offering AI-powered personalized benefits recommendations in partnership with Picwell. In addition to eliminating paperwork, reducing compliance risks and automating every area of benefits management - our technology now helps employees and employers take the guesswork out of benefits selection.

If you're a benefits specialist considering AI for your department, here are 3 ways that AI can help support you:

  • Plan selection for EMPLOYEES: Today's employees are mostly in the dark when it comes to choosing the optimal benefits plan for themselves and their families. There are a lot of nuances and very little individual support in making this critical decision that may have an impact on their health and wallet. AI can make this process a lot simpler and more intelligent. By using employees' data such as their age, income, location, current health and other personal info, AI will offer personalized benefits recommendations based on science. This technology may also simplify benefit admins' job and make open enrollment smoother.
  • Plan selection for EMPLOYERS: Each year, benefits admins must decide which bouquet of benefits is most relevant for their team - not a simple feat. AI-driven platforms can help take the burden out of research and decision-making by reviewing past benefits usage data to recommend best options for this organization
  • Predictive care: Will the employee need additional care in the coming year? What if AI can help predict which conditions an individual may be predisposed to? This futuristic capability will help insurance carriers create better plans and help employees make smarter decisions about their benefits.

For more information on AI for benefits specialists, you find our recently published article on Benefits Pro. If you're interested in learning more about our AI capability, get in touch with our at bizdev@everythingbenefits.com or request a demo. We'd love to help support your organization in making benefits simpler and more rewarding!

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