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COBRA Administration

What Employers Should Know About COBRA..

By: EverythingBenefits Mar 16, 2021 icon-clock 4min

On Thursday, March 11th, 2021, President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan Act,a stimulus bill as a part of the most recent..

COBRA Administration

Everything you should know about COBRA..

By: Yana Robbins Jan 17, 2019 icon-clock 7min

COBRA administration can be complicated, and many of our prospective COBRA clients are particularly struggling with the..

COBRA Administration

COBRA Administration Case Study

By: Yana Robbins Sep 24, 2018 icon-clock 1min

We think our COBRA Administration solution is THE best, but don't just take our word for it. Our client, De Wafelbakkers, the..

COBRA Administration

Product in Focus: COBRA

By: Peter Carille Jun 27, 2018 icon-clock 4min

Easy, stress-free COBRA compliance? Our partners and clients say so. Find out what they love about our COBRA Administration..

COBRA Administration

Five Features Every COBRA Software..

By: Peter Carille Jul 20, 2017 icon-clock 5min

Get the most out of your COBRA Administration tools with these necessary features

COBRA Administration

Managing COBRA Timelines and Coverage..

By: Peter Carille Apr 4, 2017 icon-clock 10min

COBRA coverage may vary depending on the type of qualifying event. Know the difference.

Dr. Seuss once famously said, “Sometimes..

COBRA Administration

Why Should Companies Outsource COBRA..

By: Josh Davis Apr 7, 2016 icon-clock 6min

When we look at companies doing in-house COBRA administration, we don’t see a whole lot of benefits… no pun intended. It’s a..

COBRA Administration

COBRA Eligibility – What Companies Need..

By: Josh Davis Jan 13, 2016 icon-clock 5min

From a broad perspective, you need to understand whether your company needs to comply with the Consolidated Omnibus Budget..

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