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Benefits Reconciliation

Free Yourself From Manual Benefits..

By: Yana Robbins Jan 28, 2021 icon-clock 3min

Our team recently hosted a webinar on Benefits Reconciliation, a solution that revolutionizes the benefits invoice reconciliation..


Maximum 401k Contribution in 2021

By: EverythingBenefits Jan 22, 2021 icon-clock 4min

Like clockwork, the Internal Revenue Service announces changes to retirement planning limits for the coming year. The IRS has..


Over $250K in Billing errors discovered..

By: Yana Robbins Dec 21, 2020 icon-clock 3min

Although most of us haven't traveled recently, join us for a quick trip to the airport. 

Imagine for a moment that you're on your..

Benefits Enrollment

Client Advisory Board: How Leaders are..

By: Tiffany Arlotta Nov 5, 2020 icon-clock 5min

With many employees completing their open enrollment for the first time in an entirely virtual setting, the primary focus for..

Benefits Enrollment

This Open Enrollment Season, Dont..

By: Yana Robbins Oct 27, 2020 icon-clock 4min

Open Enrollment is always a hectic time for HR teams, and may be even more so with a displaced workforce this year. In an earlier..


How Our Technology Supports Furloughed..

By: EverythingBenefits Oct 16, 2020 icon-clock 4min

One of the many heartbreaking effects of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the loss of jobs. Though the economy has somewhat..

Benefits Enrollment

Overcoming Open Enrollment Challenges..

By: Yana Robbins Sep 3, 2020 icon-clock 3min

Open enrollment can be a challenging time, and may be even more so this year with 42% of the U.S. workforce working remotely. We..

Benefits Enrollment

Open Enrollment 2020 Featuring Lisa Loeb

By: EverythingBenefits Aug 28, 2020 icon-clock 2min

Open enrollment is just around the corner! We asked singer-songwriter Lisa Loeb to remind our clients to please update their plan..


Make Open Enrollment Seamless With..

By: Picwell Aug 4, 2020 icon-clock 7min

With open enrollment likely to be virtual this year, we invited one of our partners, Picwell, to share their wisdom on benefits..

Our Company

What can you learn from your BENEFITS..

By: Ryan Turner Apr 14, 2020 icon-clock 7min

According to U.S. Department of Labor, the cost of labor and specifically the cost of employee benefits isone of the largest..

Benefits Enrollment

5 Ways to make open enrollment exciting

By: Rebekah Rosler Sep 20, 2019 icon-clock 3min

It’s that time of the year again. Labor Day is behind us, summer has quickly slipped into our memories and we’re already we’re..

Benefits Enrollment

Get ready for Open Enrollment

By: Alice Hinton Sep 12, 2019 icon-clock 10min

With open enrollment on the horizon, we invited one of the benefits experts in our ecosystem to share her tips for a stress-free..

Benefits Reconciliation

Eliminate the Hidden COST of MANUAL..

By: Yana Robbins May 7, 2019 icon-clock 4min

Any time there's a manual process - whether it's reviewing new applicants or modifying life-change events - there's a possibility..

Dependent Eligible Audit

Dependent Eligibility Audit: what..

By: Yana Robbins Apr 11, 2019 icon-clock 5min

If the growing cost of healthcare is a concern for your organization (isn't it for all?), one place we recommend employers look..

COBRA Administration

Everything you should know about COBRA..

By: Yana Robbins Jan 17, 2019 icon-clock 7min

COBRA administration can be complicated, and many of our prospective COBRA clients are particularly struggling with the..


Benefits Reconciliation: Key Takeaways..

By: Yana Robbins Oct 9, 2018 icon-clock 4min

Recently, we did a webinar on Benefits Reconciliation™, the little talked-about (and probably least favorite) process in managing..

COBRA Administration

COBRA Administration Case Study

By: Yana Robbins Sep 24, 2018 icon-clock 1min

We think our COBRA Administration solution is THE best, but don't just take our word for it. Our client, De Wafelbakkers, the..

COBRA Administration

Product in Focus: COBRA

By: Peter Carille Jun 27, 2018 icon-clock 4min

Easy, stress-free COBRA compliance? Our partners and clients say so. Find out what they love about our COBRA Administration..

Carrier Connectivity

Expanded Services: EDI and the Ability..

By: Yana Robbins May 24, 2018 icon-clock 3min

We recently announced a new range of services for our partner community – expanded use of our EDI and template library, as well..

Benefits Reconciliation

Automated Benefits Reconciliation..

By: Peter Carille Nov 9, 2017 icon-clock 4min

Think of the mostgrueling, time-consumingandpainful benefits administration task on your list. If you said benefits..

COBRA Administration

Five Features Every COBRA Software..

By: Peter Carille Jul 20, 2017 icon-clock 5min

Get the most out of your COBRA Administration tools with these necessary features

Benefits Enrollment

4 Features to look for in Benefits..

By: Peter Carille Jun 21, 2017 icon-clock 6min

There are a number of benefits enrollment software solutions on the market. A good benefits enrollment solution should make the..

COBRA Administration

Managing COBRA Timelines and Coverage..

By: Peter Carille Apr 4, 2017 icon-clock 10min

COBRA coverage may vary depending on the type of qualifying event. Know the difference.

Dr. Seuss once famously said, “Sometimes..


The Most Common 401(k) Plan Violations

By: Peter Carille Feb 23, 2017 icon-clock 4min

Understand your 401(k) processes to avoid losing your plan’s tax-qualified status.

You take pride in going the extra mile to help..

Benefits Enrollment

Post Open Enrollment Best Practices

By: Peter Carille Dec 14, 2016 icon-clock 7min

Consider these simple steps to reduce employee benefits issues.

So, you’ve made it through another year. You’ve established an..


Going for Gold With Affordable Care Act..

By: Lisa Slook Aug 18, 2016 icon-clock 4min

If you were in the Olympics would you go for last place, Bronze, Silver or, go for the Gold? My guess is that you would go for..

COBRA Administration

Why Should Companies Outsource COBRA..

By: Josh Davis Apr 7, 2016 icon-clock 6min

When we look at companies doing in-house COBRA administration, we don’t see a whole lot of benefits… no pun intended. It’s a..

COBRA Administration

COBRA Eligibility – What Companies Need..

By: Josh Davis Jan 13, 2016 icon-clock 5min

From a broad perspective, you need to understand whether your company needs to comply with the Consolidated Omnibus Budget..

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