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The business of providing payroll services is competitive and filled with many players. According to D&B Hoovers, there are over 3,000 businesses providing payroll services in the U.S., and many offer more than core employee payroll services. Today’s payroll providers also help clients manage employee benefits and other HR processes.

Screen Shot 2021-04-01 at 9.21.49 AMTo succeed in the highly competitive payroll services industry today, you can benefit from providing your clients with products and services that differentiate you from other providers. Through our suite of benefits solutions, we help you do just that. We take your product lineup—payroll, HR, and time and attendance—and we expand it with our fully integrated benefits enrollment and management solutions. Here’s why so many payroll providers work with EverythingBenefits:

A Sustainable Revenue Stream for Your Business

You need to expand your capabilities as your clients’ needs evolve, but you can’t afford to do it at the expense of your core business. Our benefits solutions allow you to offer your clients more value without making you feel spread too thin. For example, when Alliance Payroll Services joined our partnership program, they were able to offer their clients a more competitive and diverse portfolio of products, which helped improve data accuracy and increase open enrollment efficiency. As Alliance described in a recent case study, the partnership provided “…the ability to offer our clients automated and streamlined solutions that help increase our revenue all the way around. They further added, “Being able to add EverythingBenefits’ solutions into the Alliance Payroll sales cycle has been very beneficial.”

Support to Help You Attract, Onboard, and Service Your Clients

Working in partnership with us isn’t just about adding new products. Instead, we provide you and your clients with a seamless benefits management experience that starts with marketing and continues with implementation and ongoing client support. Whether you work with us to provide benefits enrollment solutions, COBRA administration, or connections to carriers, we are there every step of the way to help you attract—and keep—your clients.

Accupay HCM recently partnered with us to implement Carrier Connectivity to streamline benefits enrollment on behalf of a specific client. The client had been working with a well-known third-party provider that made them feel “like a number and that no one cared about.” By utilizing our carrier connectivity solution, the client reduced the number of errors in their enrollment process while reducing the time to enroll employees in benefits by nearly 100 percent. And at each step along the way, we were there to answer their questions and provide proactive ongoing support.

More Efficient Benefits and Payroll Processes

Like you, your clients are always on the lookout for ways to increase efficiency and make time for more high-value activities. Our technology solutions help employers achieve those goals by reducing manual tasks and giving back more time in the day. For example, Benefits Reconciliation can transform the monthly review of carrier invoices against payroll and benefits elections, so the entire process can be completed in a matter of clicks rather than hours spent pouring over spreadsheets. One of our clients, PropelHR, began using Benefits Reconciliation and realized an 85 percent reduction in the time it took to complete their monthly reconciliation process.


Seamless Integration Capability

There’s a reason EverythingBenefits has a network of over 200 partners throughout the HR and payroll Industry. Our solutions help address just about any benefits challenge partners and their clients face.

But it’s not just these solutions themselves that deliver value; it’s the integration with existing payroll systems that creates a holistic HCM environment for employees and administrators to manage their benefits. For example, after Innovative Business Solutions (IBS) integrated EverythingBenefits into their existing HCM platform, the process of adding our Automated New Hire Reporting product for one of their clients was even easier. The implementation was quick and easy, and helped the client achieve more efficient and error-free reporting.

Having the right partners helps you stay competitive and keep pace with the rapidly evolving HR and payroll industry. In partnership with EverythingBenefits, you can deliver greater benefits management functionality for your clients and meet their needs for innovation, service, and efficiency. From go-to-market strategy, customer engagement, and roll-out to back-end support and white label implementations, we’ve got you covered.

See other ways we support our Payroll partners or get in touch with our team here.

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