Solutions for Carriers

EverythingBenefits is spearheading solutions, technology and new vision for the insurance tech industry. We help transform the way carriers sell, service and market to their clients and spheres of influence. 
Whether you’re a P&C carrier, a healthcare, vision, dental or a voluntary benefits provider, our technology will take your business to the next level and help you compete effectively in a consolidating marketplace. 
Revenue FASTER

Eliminate inefficiencies, improve operating margins, and maintain real-time control over money movement to shorten the revenue recognition cycle.

Turnover Risk

Anticipate evolving demand to drive solutions that ensure client retention and monetization. Most importantly reduce your risk!

the Core

Seamlessly integrate non-disruptive technology that helps realize full value of your business.

Provide value-added solutions for your employer groups and policyholders to increase engagement, reduce loss frequency and improve account retention.
Eliminate multiple log-ins (SSO), create a connected platform for all your internal systems and policyholder/client needs along with giving them access to the most robust solutions available in the insurance industry. 

A Single Source of Truth for All KPI's Across an Insurance Organization

Our solutions quickly and seamlessly integrate with third party benefits and HR management platforms, ERPs, third-party administrators, and accounting systems.  Gain insights into critical KPIs with our powerful analytics framework to gain complete control over data, and drive better decision making at every level.

powerful analytics dashboard
Designed for “on-the-go” organizations who have have to hit the ground running and have no time to waste on the learning curve.

Choose Only What YOU NEED to Win with EverythingBenefits

Benefits Enrollment & Management Sales / Demo tools
Consolidated Billing™ & Payments Commission Management
COBRA Administration Document and Signature Management
Exchange Tools Case Management

 And more. Talk to us about your needs today!




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