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If you're like many HR Administrators, the COBRA Administration process is pretty much at the bottom of your favorite activities list. There are many time-sensitive compliance nuances  and the process takes attention away from important activities like recruitment and retention. One HR person shared that managing COBRA "can be a full-time job and can make you feel like a debt collector". 

If any of the above resonates with your experience, we'd love to share what our COBRA software can do for you and your organization.

Here are the top 11 reasons you'll love our COBRA Software.

  • Really Fast Integration. No-one wants to waste months getting up and running, which is why we make this step particularly fast and seamless. Our technology is built to live on top of our clients' pre-existing systems - so no technical overhaul is needed from you. Plus, we're integrated with over 200+ HR Platforms such as PrismHR, ADP, iSolved, Kronos and others, so chances are is that our COBRA software is already a click-away.
  • Lightning-Speed Approvals. Speaking of clicks, managing COBRA approvals can be as simple as TWO CLICKS. You’ll be given a chance to review the COBRA event type, the COBRA event date, the contact information of beneficiary, and the premium price. And in as few as two clicks, you can approve or reject a qualifying event. 
  • Proactive Monitoring: With our COBRA Software, you don't have to keep track of things like timelines or coverage periods, we do it for you. EverythingBenefits’ automated notifications ensure that nothing is missed and everyone is properly covered. This helps  eliminate COBRA non-compliance risk, so you can sit back and enjoy (lunch perhaps?).
  • Follow the Money. Who owes money? Has it been received? Inside our platform, you’ll get a clear picture of all of the important financial information. Your accounting team will love this as well.
  • Communicate with the Entire Ecosystem. Our software is an excellent communicator.  It integrates with your Payroll, Insurance Carriers, and Employees - so everything is in-sync and nothing is missed.
  • Save Time. One if our clients reported saving 4 hours each month with our COBRA software. The shared that "admittedly doesn’t sound like much but it really feels like a big difference not having to do that anymore.” Save time, but more important eliminate work that can be automated. Read their story here.
  • Everything is Automated. No data entry, ever. Our technology speaks to your payroll and carriers, so all you have to do is log in once in a while to pull a report. "The way everything feeds automatically is beautiful!" said one of our clients. We think you'll feel the same way.
  • No Awkward Phone-Calls. Our COBRA Administrators communicate with your former employees and dependents, so your team doesn’t have to have to have awkward conversations.
  • Easy Open Enrollment. Our COBRA Administrators send out all the OE information so that COBRA recipients can have an easy transition. Our experienced team will take care of everything and keep you compliant at the same time.
  • Mini-COBRA Compliant. We stay on top of any changes to the state law, and we'll keep you compliant no matter what state you're in. We do state continuation too, also known as "Mini-COBRA".
  • US-Based Support. We're here when you need us. By phone, by email, we are easy to reach and love helping our clients. Check out what they say on our Testimonials page.

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