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In response to COVID-19, EverythingBenefits is committed to supporting its clients and other businesses during these challenging times. We will offer you and your business with the most reliable information and resources to help you adjust to our newly transformed world. This page will be updated frequently so that we can help you get the most updated news and information.

Company Updates

EverythingBenefits Calls on U.S Employers to Support Working Parents during Pandemic by Offering Online Classes for their Children  May 13, 2020

  "These changing times called for EverythingBenefits to refocus on what’s important for an engaged and happy workforce as its mission is to deliver a better benefits experiences for all. Lyubovitzky believes other employers will follow suit and predicts changes to the employee benefits sector in the coming years."  

Benefits Resources

Summer Benefits In the Time of COVID-19 June 25, 2020

  ""Over the past decade, summer benefits have become increasingly popular in companies of all sizes. Summer Fridays, flexible work schedules, company picnics, and other perks have become traditions at many organizations. With the arrival of COVID-19, many workplaces have been forced to pivot, and many perks have been subject to change."  

Webinar: The Impact of COVID-19 on Employee Benefits April 16, 2020


Replay our April 2020 Webinar to Tune in on the Following Topics:

  • Benefit payments collections for furloughed employees
  • Managing increase of COBRA activity
  • Keeping a close tab on the benefits costs
  • Reconciling benefits invoices
  • Auditing dependent eligibility
  • Off-boarding and services to start rebuilding

Managing Benefits During COVID-19 May 29, 2020

  ""Before COVID-19, our country's unemployment rate dropped down around 3.5%, with employers starting to leverage their benefits strategically to attract and retain employees. Within the past few months, we have observed the opposite trend driven by the pandemic, resulting in over 38 million people filing for unemployment. "  

How Benefits Need To Shift to Support Work-from-Home Needs April 16, 2020


"Many traditional benefits including gym memberships, free food and snacks in the office and commuter stipends are no longer available, or are not currently useful to employees. Companies should be changing their benefits to respond to these changes, says Rachel Lyubovitzky, CEO of EverythingBenefits, an employee benefits administration software."


Add Telemedicine to your Benefits Toolkit November 18, 2019 (Updated in 2020)  


"With COVID taxing our medical industry heavily, seasonal allergies, mental health, and yearly check-ups have unfortunately become secondary health concerns. One new thing you may want to add to your arsenal this year is telemedicine. For those unfamiliar,  telemedicine offers a virtual appointment with nurses and doctors who can help address a number of medical concerns..."

Workplace Resources

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Workplaces Considerations for Reopening During the COVID-19 Pandemic


"The Purpose of this tool is to assist employers in making (re)opening decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially to protect vulnerable workers. It is important to check with state and local health officials and other partners to determine the most appropriate actions while adjusting to meet the unique needs and circumstances of the local community."

Additional Resources

The U.S. Department of Labor has resources to help workers and employers prepare for the COVID-19 virus.


"The Department of Labor (Department) is issuing these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to help employee benefit plan participants and beneficiaries, as well as plan sponsors, and employers, impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak understand their rights and responsibilities under Title I of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA). In addition to providing this general guidance, the Department has issued the following other COVID-19 notices"

We will continue to add more benefits-related COVID news, so we encourage you to bookmark this page as we continue to update it with additional information. 

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