of Remarkable Growth and Innovation in the Benefits Space

Marking its fifth year of providing technology-enabled, end-to-end solutions for benefits administration, EverythingBenefits today celebrates several important milestones and accomplishments while reinforcing its goals for the year ahead.

From its founding in 2015, EverythingBenefits built its successful business based on the goal of using technology to deliver a better experience for the entire benefits industry. Over the past five years, executing on that goal has driven tremendous growth. In 2019 alone, the company saw a three-fold increase in corporate customers and a doubling of its overall user base. Today, 10,000 corporate clients and over 2 million users are enjoying the simplicity that the company’s artificial intelligence-powered platform provides.

In addition to growing its client ecosystem, EverythingBenefits continued to focus on product and service innovation, expanding and enriching its solution suite. Some of the notable advancements released in 2019 include:

  • AI-driven, Personalized Benefit Recommendations: In partnership with Picwell, EverythingBenefits augmented its ability to allow better decision support to fit the needs of individual employees and their dependents.
  • Billing Consolidation™ and Payments: A recently-launched solution in the EverythingBenefits suite that enables employers to automatically generate and process carrier invoices across any lineup of plans, business units and locations.
  • Automated Communication Workflows: A powerful data translation engine that virtually eliminates the need for manual data manipulation, facilitating its import, export, and analysis regardless of the format and source.

Throughout 2019, EverythingBenefits continued building its relationships with Professional Employer Organizations. In addition to expanding its current partnerships, the company established new connections within the community, including integrations and expansions with PrismHR, PayPlus and ThinkWare Inc.

The company continued to influence and drive best practices in the industry appearing in notable industry trades and national outlets highlighting unique insights on industry transformation, compliance, benefits for every generation and workplace bias. More recently, EverythingBenefits hosted top-tier media and executives of Fortune 500 companies at a panel highlighting how HR and Benefits automation increases productivity and enables HR to execute on larger initiatives that improve their employee work life.

“We launched EverythingBenefits with a mission was to develop new products, processes, and integrations that support and improve the businesses of our clients, partners and carriers,” said Rachel Lyubovitzky, CEO and co-founder of EverythingBenefits. “Our multi-point solutions tackle HR’s biggest challenges by driving next generation client experience and improving compliance. We are proud of our successes and look forward to continuing to lead the industry over the next five years and beyond."

About EverythingBenefits
EverythingBenefits is a leading provider of next-generation, end-to-end benefit technology solutions and services that help businesses of all sizes and their employees experience benefits in more meaningful ways. By leveraging an open business model, EverythingBenefits partners with benefit brokers, independent agents, insurers, payroll or human capital management companies, and other providers. The company’s philosophy is that technology should make life simpler, more rewarding, and more enjoyable. For more information, please visit our web site at www.everythingbenefits.com or connect with us via LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.

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