Top 12 Things to know about our ACA Compliance & Reporting:

  1. The Most Complete ACA Experience: Our Affordable Care Act Compliance and Reporting Solution handles every aspect of ACA compliance, including the setup, ongoing compliance monitoring, end-of-year compliance form generation, smart approval workflows, notifications and alerts, mailings, filings and more! 
  2. Federal and State Compliance: we handle every aspect of federal and state ACA compliance – so you don’t have to!
  3. We Mail and File: did we mention it is the most complete ACA experience out there? With our help, we will help keep you on track and always file the required IRS tax forms on time with accuracy. 
  4. Reduced Risk with Artificial Intelligence (AI): Our goal is not only to make ACA compliance easier for employers but we also want to decrease their exposure to expensive ACA penalties by helping you recognize potential risks before it is too late.
  5. Save Time: our clients report over a 50% time reduction during peak reporting times, when using our solution. That means they are saving weeks or months of their teams' time.
  6. Unlimited Trial Runs: You can review a trial run of the entire ACA compliance report, change the entire data set, and repeat as many time as needed. Hopefully not too many times – there are other fun things to do in life! 
  7. Big Picture Analytics:  zero-in on what's important to you - departments, locations, full time employees, part-timers – and other filters. Gain a complete insight into your data and find trends that you never knew existed.
  8. Real-Time Control: identify and fix potential compliance issues before they become a problem.
  9. Get Up and Running Fast! One of the biggest pain points for many organizations is the dreaded prospect of lengthy and complicated integration. We've built our technology in such a way that it can live on top of most pre-existing systems - so no technical overhaul is needed.
  10. Seamless Integrations: We’re integrated with third party Human Capital Management (HCM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), time keeping, and payroll systems to help keep your data in sync for you.
  11. Awesome Built-in Benefits Neighbors: expand your ACA experience with our other built-in benefits products including Benefits Enrollment and Management, COBRA Administration, Benefits Reconciliation and more. Gain more control, and more insight when you leverage our solutions together.
  12. A Dedicated Team Along The Way: Our customer success team will customize your on-boarding experience, and provide training and project management until your product(s) go live. We're always there to support you post-integration as questions come up or your needs evolve.

Ready to take your benefits experience to the next level? We'd love to give you a tour of our ACA Compliance and Reporting Solution. 





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