Top 10 Things to know about our Automated Dependent Eligibility Audit:

  1. Secure & Fully Audited: In today’s society, security has become more important than ever. EverythingBenefits makes it a priority to protect sensitive data against unauthorized access and data exfiltration within all our solutions.

  2. Completely Automated: Spend less time collecting and reviewing information. Our Dependent Eligibility Audit handles every detail of the audit and will keep you informed along the way. 

  3. Real-time Notifications: Keep your employers in the loop whether it is pre, during, or post auditing activities. We make these tasks simple and clear with our notifications template.

  4. Flexible Survey Options: This helpful framework allows your company to receive data and turn it into new insights for smart decision making. Use our flexible survey options to create random sample groups and/or survey an entire population either once a year or ongoing. 

  5. Decreased Liability: Covering ineligible dependents can cause your company to lose thousands of dollars, along with many other issues. Our solution will ensure the auditing process is seamless and secure while making sure that every dependent covered on your plan is eligible. 

  6. Easy to Use: We can drive for you or you can drive yourself! Our solution is intuitive and easy to use, we strive to make our clients experience comfortable and reduce any unnecessary frustrations. 

  7. Easy Integration: Unlike other companies, we enable integration smarter, faster, and easier. Our solution works on top of almost any tech and will be ready when you are. Choose either standalone audit or plug into your HCM through our relationships - Learn more how you can increase your product offering in our Solutions for Partners Page.

  8. U.S Customer Service: Looking for real-time support? Let us help you with any issues via phone and/or  email. Our team is dedicated to making sure that all of our clients have the best experience possible. Learn more about what others have to say on our Testimonials page.

  9. No-Awkward Phone Calls: Asking for proof of dependent information can sometimes cause awkward or intrusive phone calls for both employees and dependents. Our automated solution prevents this from happening so your team no longer needs to have these conversations, making the process fast and seamless.

  10. Expert Answers: Ensure that your company complies with any relevant regulations and standards. Our solution will provide you with access to industry experts and compliance specialists based in the U.S.

Ready to take your benefits experience to the next level? We'd love to give you a tour of our Automated Dependent Eligibility Audit Solution



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