Top 10 Things to know about our Benefits Invoicing:

  1. Generate Invoices Automatically. Say goodbye to spending all of your time manually gathering benefits data and generating invoices. Let our Benefits Invoicing solution automatically generate invoices on a specific schedule for a more accurate and efficient invoice process. 

  2. Reduced Risks and Errors. Our automatic Benefits Invoicing solution helps reduce the risk of human errors. By managing sensitive data that typically comes with manual generation, our solution takes care of these issues for you by reducing unnecessary manual processes.

  3. Customizable Formats. Generating invoices in multiple formats  can be time-consuming. Our solution will automatically accommodate each carrier’s specific format so you don't have to!

  4. No More Missed Bills. Reduce the likelihood of missing a bill with our proactive solution and support team that oversees the entire process. 

  5. Improved Decision Making. We will store every important detail in the system, allowing you to gain new insights into benefits costs so you can make more informed business decisions about your largest cost drivers.

  6. Advanced Reporting. We'll let you choose the most important reports you want on your dashboard, along with the best analytics! Our Customizable report engine allows you to explore your data trends in any way possible. Allowing you to generate custom views by sharing with your stakeholders and exporting to your accounting or ERP systems. 

  7. High Standard for Accuracy. We know how important carrier bills and invoicing is to your company. Our solution ensures data accuracy and compliance for your business.
  8. Easy to Use. We have made our platform easy to use for over 11,000 organizations through AI and automation. Our clients rave about how easy and intuitive our technology is, which means you and your team will be an expert in no time! Check out our Solution Guide

  9. U.S Support. Looking for real-time support? Let us help you with any questions via phone and/or email. Our team is dedicated to making sure that all of our clients have the best experience possible. Learn more about what others have to say on our Testimonials Page.

  10. Want More? Add on our Carrier Remittance solution to automatically handle payments to carriers. 

Ready to take your benefits experience to the next level? We'd love to give you a tour of our Benefits Invoicing solution!




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