Top 10 Things to know about our Financial Connectivity Solution:

  1. Flexible Delivery: Our Financial Connectivity Solution makes delivering relevant data simple and is the most efficient way to communicate financial information. Data is delivered securely, automatically, and on-time, every time. 

  2. Extensive Network: We make it possible for you to integrate your payroll or HRMS system with over 60+ retirement plan vendors nationwide, a majority of financial providers, and TPAs on the market, Check out our current list of 60+ 401(k) providers and other retirement plan vendors here!

  3. Reduces Risk: Did you know, your company could be at risk of losing pension funding for small mistakes such as missing an employee or having delays in the process? Our solution reduces the risks and problems your company may face and helps ensure that your plan maintains its tax-qualified status.

  4. Auditing Capabilities: Our fully automated user-friendly reports will stay on top of important data and allow you to keep track of every remittance, matching contribution, and correspondence. While also allowing you to have the ability to compare to prior transmissions to identify changes in the data quickly and easily.

  5. 180/360 Data Flows: We will provide you with uni- and bi-directional data flows to retirement plan providers and back automatically.

  6. U.S Based Support: Looking for real-time support? Let us help you with any issues via phone and/or email. Our team is dedicated to making sure that all of our clients have the best experience possible. Learn more about what others have to say on our Testimonials page and our Case Study!

  7. Smart Workflow: Drive consistent and better business decisions! Our system allows you to view all the financial imports by day and time making it easier for reviewing and approving all deductions from financial carriers to update your payroll. 

  8. No More Tedious Work: You no longer have to remember to manually run reports, process payments, and constantly update third-party websites with up-to-date information. Our 401(k) Integrations Solution will help reduce these tasks and get information over without errors.

  9. Easy to use: We have made our platform easy to use for over 11,000 organizations through AI and automation. Our clients rave about how easy and intuitive our technology is, which means you and your team will be an expert in no time!

  10. Powerful Analytics and Reports: Our Financial Connectivity Solution will not only transform the way you communicate financial information but it will also provide you with a powerful built-in analytics suite that will ensure you are on top of data trends at any time. Best of all, information can be exported directly to your accounting/ERP system!

Ready to take your benefits experience to the next level? We'd love to give you a tour of our Financial Connectivity Solution.




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