Malachite Program

The EverythingBenefits Malachite program strengthens the employer carrier relationship by enhancing communication, providing real-time data exchanges, and ultimately improving the benefits experience for all.

Modernize Benefits Administration

Elevate Your Benefits Experience With

  • Strengthened Relationship: tighten the bond between benefits carriers and employers
  • Improved Data Communications: increase utilization of real-time API data exchange to speed up the enrollment processes
  • Streamlined Operating Experiences: get relief from benefits invoicing and payments, leverage enhanced evidence of insurability support, and other services
  • Powerful Analytics: allows access reports and obtain actionable insights to identify, assess, and make decisions about coverage gaps
  • Thought Leadership and Education: collaborate to help educate employers and employees about this complex area making benefits more accessible to the everyday consumer

The Malachite Experience

EverythingBenefits is partnering with leading insurance carriers to bring a modernized benefits experience to employers. Are your carriers on board? Explore how Malachite can take your business to the next level!
Rapid Set-Up
Get carrier plan information and set plans up quickly
Improved Communication
Bi-directional data exchange and increased utilization of API for updates in real-time
Streamlined Operations
Automated benefits invoicing and payments, enhanced evidence of insurability support, and more
Thought Leadership
Employer and employee education that make benefits more accessible
Administrative Relief
Reduce manual labor and increase productivity
Coverage Insights
Access to reports to help identify, assess, and reduce gaps in employee coverage
What’s Different about Malachite?
EverythingBenefits Malachite empowers modern benefits experiences.
  • Simplifies plan setup and member enrollment while ensuring speed and accuracy.
  • Provides relief from administrative and manual tasks like benefits invoicing and payments.
  • Offers access to reports and insights that allow employers to identify gaps in employee coverage.
  • Streamlines data communications including increased utilization of real-time API data exchange.
We support thousands of Employers, HCM Providers, PEOs, Payroll Providers, Brokers, ERP and Carriers
  • Employers
    We work with 11,000+ employers in all industries
  • HCM Providers
    We simplify the intersection of payroll and benefits
  • Brokers
    Address your clients needs and surpass expectations
  • Carriers
    Seamlessly connected to over 600+ carriers


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