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2019 Media Coverage

What matters most to job candidates in selecting a workplace (Podcast). August 5, 2019

Rachel Lyubovitzky Executive Innovation ShowIn this episode of the Executive Innovation Show Podcast, Carrie Chitsey speaks with human resources professionals Michele McDermott and Rachel Lyubovitzky of EverythingBenefits.



12 Steps to take when a new hire isn't performing quite how you expected. July 22, 2019

"Human resource nightmares start like this: a potential employee has a fantastic work history and aces the interview but then settles into a position and performs far below the company's expectations of them."

Banishing bias in the workplace--and in benefits. July 16, 2019

"Entrepreneurs like Rachel Lyubovitzky are harnessing its power to address a diverse workforce. Her team is designing AI-driven systems to enhance the enrollment experience for all employees."

3 ways AI can improve benefit selection. July 11, 2019

"Tools that use artificial intelligence (AI) can provide real relief to HR managers–and employees–with predictive intelligence to determine the right package of benefits to meet key criteria." Read more on

Generation X buys more pet insurance policies than any other generation. July 10, 2019

The stats were presented by EverythingBenefits, following an analysis of demographic data regarding workers using the pet insurance policies offered as a part of the benefits provided by their employers. What they discovered was that 77 percent of the employees who chose to opt into the dog and cat health insurance benefits from their employers were married." Read more on

Our new artifical intelligence (AI) functionality for open enrollment helps ensure that the employees select the best benefit coverage that matches their needs. EverythingBenefits is always striving to make the tasks that may have been tedious and time consuming in the past as automated and streamlined as possible. Read more on

Eight Ways To Deal With A Large Employment Gap On Your Resume. June 13, 2019

"We're all human and sometimes we have to take time off from work to take care of our loved ones. To assess readiness of said individuals to re-enter the workforce, it's helpful to get an honest explanation (within the constraints of privacy), understand their current availability and commitment to work and the effort made to stay on top of their field during employment gaps." Read more on 

How To Succeed In Bringing Your Innovation To Market. June 5, 2019

As recently as five years ago, companies that offered medical, dental, and vision were considered top drawer. Now, top companies offer telemedicine, legal, tuition reimbursement, loan repayment, and more. If your benefits budget hasn’t increased, it’s really tough to compete for talent against Fortune 500 companies with deep pockets. Small and midsize companies are disproportionately affected. Continue reading on

EverythingBenefits on the cover of TechNews, New Jersey Tech Council's magazine. Spring 2019


"EverythingBenefits recently celebrated its fourth year of 'Making Life Simpler.' The company offers unique solutions that enable companies to focus on what they do best and accomplish more with EverythingBenefits taking care of helping  to manage their employee benefits. Thee employers clearly resonated to this value offering as EverythingBenefits is proud to announce share that its solutions impact over 3,000 corporate clients, more than 200 channel partners, and over a Million users." Continue reading on

10 Ways Employers Can Attract Top Grad Talent. May 31, 2019

"It's true that many grads join the workforce without a clear understanding of their professional goals. The best way to remedy that is to get involved early. Join your local college's career center to offer "Rotation Days," where you bring in future grads to work and show them what it's like to work at different roles within your firm. Support internships, mentorships and cooperative programs too. - Rachel Lyubovitzky, EverythingBenefits"  Continue reading on 

EverythingBenefits adds AI component to make benefits selection easier. May 16, 2019

New Providence-based EverythingBenefits is partnering with Picwell (Philadelphia), a provider of advanced predictive decision-support solutions for consumer and employee benefit plan selections, the company announced today. Continue reading on

Interview with CEO and CO-Founder, Everything Benefits – Rachel Lyubovitzky. April 16, 2019

interview with Rachel Lyubovitzky HRTechCube

Our solution reduces all manual work to just two clicks. Kind of amazing what technology can do these days! That’s the game-changing effect of it and we are applying it across the board for other manual benefits admin processes. Continue reading on

Can self-funding work for smaller employers? April 2, 2019

When it comes to employee health insurance, most employers would probably balk at the idea of pulling the function in-house. Today, of course, most U.S. employers farm out their benefit plans—paying an insurance provider that contracts a network of doctors and hospitals to care for employees and manage claims and other administrative minutiae. But a shift in regulatory compliance and recent technology advancements mean the industry is now seeing a growing number of employers who are benefiting significantly by, in some part, becoming their own insurer. Continue reading on

The 1 Odd Thing That Made This CEO Change How She Runs Her Company. March 21, 2019

Authenticity has become the vibranium of business, promoted as one of the most powerful and transformative traits a leader can yield. Yet, hindrances to developing and sharing our real selves come at us from every angle, often from places we can't control. It's a reality that Rachel Lyubovitzky, CEO of technology company EverythingBenefits, knows all too well. Born in the Soviet Union in 1974, as a child, Lyubovitzky was forced to switch from using her naturally dominant left hand to using her right. Continue reading on

If you're a member of the media, contact EverythingBenefits for more information. You can find our latest Press Releases here.