Payments & Collections Solution

What is the Payments Collection solution?

Our Payments and Collection solution allows employers with furloughed employees to easily collect employee-portion of benefits contribution to ensure their policies do not lapse. 

Why is it needed?

  • Temporarily displaced employees, such as those on FMLA, furloughed or retired, are not able to access their payroll to pay for key services such as benefits, 401K loan repayments and other mandatory services.
  • This leaves the employer to deal with frustrated employees, dependents, and retirees who fear lapsing on their benefits policies and financial obligations.
  • Collecting payments from furloughed employees or employees on a leave of absence can be difficult and time consuming for employers to manage.
  • It can also be confusing for the employees who may have questions regarding how to submit their payments, the balance owed, and due date.

What does EverythingBenefits offer?

We offer an easy to use, customizable, and brandable portal where employees can log in using their personal information. On this portal, employees can view their invoices, make a one-time payment using several different payment methods, turn on auto-pay, view their payment history, and update their personal information all in one place. Once the payments are collected from the employees, we remit those payments back to the employer.

What does the Payment and Collections portal look like?

The screenshot below show EverythingBenefits branded portal. Our clients can change the logo and all of the messaging on the login page so that the experience is most comfortable for their employees.

payments collection portal for furloughed employees

The inside screens are simple and easy to navigate. Employees can view their payment history, review the upcoming payments, change their personal information, enter the payment information, and make the payment.

payments collections for furloughed

How can employees make their payments?

Our web portal allows employees to pay via ACH.  Credit card payments can also be an acceptable form of payment if needed.

How are invoices generated and distributed to those who need to receive them?

Invoices are generated automatically on the frequency you require.  We will distribute these invoices electronically via email, but can also mail them if needed.  All invoices can be accessed within the user’ self-service portal and downloaded for their records.

Where can I learn more about EverythingBenefits' Payments & Collections Solution?

The best way to get to know ourPayments & Collections Solution is to Schedule a DEMO for a one-on-one with our product specialist. We look forward to solving all your benefits needs!

How long does it take to get up and running with EverythingBenefits?

If you are able to leverage one of our existing HCM/PEO/ERP integrations you can be up and running and (in sync) in hours! For standalone customers the implementation process takes a simple import file with your information and, of course, any custom information you would like to share with your furloughed employees on your landing portal.

Let us show you how our Payments & Collections solution works. Send us a note to schedule a DEMO.

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