Automated Dependent eligibility audit

Is your benefits plan truly compliant? Is everyone enrolled in your benefits plan supposed to be there? 

Employers occasionally discover that ineligible employees are enrolled in their benefits plan. How does this happen? They could be a part of employee’s extended family and thus not eligible or they could be dependents who never “aged out,” or a multitude of other reasons. In any case they may be making your organization non-compliant and thus creating a liability and an ongoing financial drain.

Our automated solution keeps you compliant, eliminates liability and reduces benefits expenses by as much as 3-10%.

Completely Automated

Select a random sample or survey the entire population. Configurable workflow ensures fair and equitable process for all participants on your plan.

Notifications Provided

Our preconfigured templates make communications pre, during, and post audit simple and clear.

and Fully Audited

Secure document upload functionality ensures sensitive documents such as marriage or birth certificates and other legal documents are protected at all times.

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EverythingBenefits' provides a completely automated and intuitive solution, combined with human-centric service that takes care of every aspect of the audit. Rest easy knowing that you've got the right set of employees and dependents covered.

  • High-level overview of the dependent audit in progress
  • Access employees with enrolled dependents to view their benefits
  • Quickly identify the progress and status of each enrolled dependent during the audit period
  • Review the required documentation that is uploaded for each dependent during the audit
My experience working with EverythingBenefits over the last two years has been exceptional. I have had the privilege to work with many great people, who are always there to answer my questions and ensure a positive relationship exists. I would highly recommend EverythingBenefits to anyone searching for a provider that offers multiple solutions under one roof!
Jenae Swanson

Our automated Dependent Eligibility Audit will help you

Reduce Expenses and Eliminate Liability

by thousands of dollars.

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