Benefits Enrollment & MANAGEMENT (ESS)

EverythingBenefits’ Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered solution streamlines enrollment, reduces paper forms and manual processes, and makes it easy for employers to make critical decisions. Our solution works for businesses of any size, adapting to your business needs.


Our Benefits Enrollment Management

  • Simplifies every step of your benefits cycle from enrollment to reconciliation
  • Reduce the time it takes to set up carrier connections to 2-4 weeks by utilizing our Smart Form solution!
  • Provide the tools employees need to make informed decisions throughout the enrollment process and beyond
  • Automatically communicate data to 600+ benefit providers and TPAs
  • A virtually unlimited number of configuration options makes it easy for employer’s to setup diverse offerings, new carriers, enrollment periods, eligibility rules, and more

See Benefits Enrollment in Action

We'd love to show you what our Employee Benefits Enrollment solution can do for your business.
Quick Carrier Connections
Establish automated connections to 600+ carriers in only 2-4 weeks
Enrollment Support
Provides side-by-side comparisons of plans, complete summaries, and coverage documents
Our Tech Adapts to Yours
Ability to support virtually any kind of benefits offerings and organizational scenarios
Unlimited Configurations
Easily setup diverse offerings, new carriers, enrollment periods, eligibility etc.
Compares demographic data to the actual outcome for millions of claims, highlighting the best options
Rich Integrated Suite
Complementary solutions by EverythingBenefits grows with your team's needs
Our fully customizable and user-friendly UI simplifies every step of your benefits cycle from enrollment to reconciliation. You can rest assured knowing that all the information is accurate and synchronized with other platforms, and that you have all the information needed to make informed business decisions
  • Configurable and sharable dashboards provide insight into every aspect of your benefits administration
  • Keep up to date on enrollment participation using customizable graphs
  • Smart workflows allow for repeatable, scalable processes without being a burden on your time
  • Built-in widgets help you stay ahead of mission-critical metrics such as employee turnover and employee churn


Did you know that the annual liability of manually managing benefits in an organization with 1,000 employees can exceed $900K

To see the potential impact of manual benefits enrollment on your organization, use the slider below
How Many Employees do you have Today?
# of Employees
How Many Payrolls Do You Run Per Year?
# of Payrolls
Average Monthly Benefits Cost Per Person
Benefits Cost
How Many Carriers do you use Today?
# of Carriers
What is your Annual Turnover Percentage?
Turnover %
Expected New Hires in the Next 12 Months?
# of Hires
Annual Cost of Benefits
This includes time spent manually managing enrollments, changes and terminations, carrier communications and 401(k) if the HR Admin spends 45 min per person per year for enrollments and 1 day per carrier communications
Cost of Manual Benefits Administration
Potential Impact of ERISA Errors
The use of this formula does not constitute legal or professional advice and should be used for informational purposes only. Specific values may vary depending on your business situation.
Frequently asked questions
What is EverythingBenefits' Benefits Enrollment & Management Solution?
EverythingBenefits’ Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered solution streamlines enrollment and makes it easy for employers to make critical decisions while reducing paper forms and manual processes. Our solution is industry-agnostic, integrates quickly and seamlessly on top of your existing technology, and is used by US Employers as well as our partners.
Can newly eligible employees enroll using EverythingBenefits?
Yes! Our enrollment portal can be used for Open Enrollment, New Enrollments, and Life Changes. The process is quick and easy and directs employees through each step to complete their enrollment or coverage change.
How can I ensure employees are completing their enrollments within EverythingBenefits?
As an employer, you can view your employees’ progress and easily identify who has completed their enrollment, and where they are in the process. Reminders can be sent to your employees informing them to complete their enrollment within the system.
Are there tools to help employees through the enrollment process?
Yes, have AI-Decision Support, our "Help Me" functionality, and quick access to different resources to support employees.
We support thousands of Employers, HCM Providers, PEOs, Payroll Providers, Brokers, ERP and Carriers
  • Employers
    We work with 11,000+ employers in all industries
  • HCM Providers
    We simplify the intersection of payroll and benefits
  • Brokers
    Address your clients needs and surpass expectations
  • Carriers
    Seamlessly connected to over 600+ carriers
You definitely want to use automation for Benefits Enrollment because it cuts back on errors and you’ll never forget to enroll someone. Integrating Carrier Connectivity was seamless and now everything is running smoothly. It now takes no time at all…20 seconds compared to an hour.
Dawn Fitzgerald
HR Manager at HWI


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