Benefits Reconciliation™

Take control of your employee benefits costs with the industry's only fully-automated Benefits Reconciliation™ solution that saves time, money, and reduces liability risks.


Our Benefits Reconciliation™

  • Quickly and easily compare carrier invoices against employee premiums and/or deductions
  • Gain control and full transparency into your benefits billing process
  • Easily identify over and underpayments and other billing irregularities
  • Pull-in and combine data from a system of record automatically
  • Gain actionable insights and securely export your follow-up notes
  • Reduce non-compliance and liability risks

See Benefits Reconciliation™ in Action

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Next-Generation Features for
Automated Benefits Reconciliation™
Flexible Formats
Your vendor invoice can come in a variety of formats including csv, xls, pdf or txt
Historical Data
The benefit and payroll history goes as far back as your data allows
Match & Compare
Compare thousands of records based on Social Security, name and more
Export Follow-Up Notes
Send a report to the carrier or broker to address the irregularities
Intuitive Dashboard
User-friendly, customizable interface will make you an expert in no-time
Seamless Integration
Integrating Benefits Reconciliation™ is fast, easy and seamless.
What used to take hours or weeks – now takes a few minutes with our automated Benefits Reconciliation™ solution. Simply drag and drop invoices for a side by side comparison that identifies underpayments, overpayments and other billing discrepancies.
  • View a side-by-side comparison of individual employee invoices and deductions
  • Invoice discrepancies are flagged, making it easy to identify issues and take corrective action using the available tools
  • Easily search for any employee records using the search bar at the top of the window
  • Quickly view your progress as the reconciliation is completed



To see the potential impact of billing irregularities on your organization, use the slider to select # of benefits participants and the cost of premium
Benefits Participants on Your Plans
# of Participants
Average Monthly Cost Per Person
Monthly Cost
*According to the Aberdeen Study, 12-15% of carrier bills may contain errors.
The use of this formula does not constitute legal or professional advice and should be used for informational purposes only. Specific values may vary depending on your business situation.
Frequently asked questions
What is Benefits Reconciliation™?
Benefit reconciliation™ (also referred to as premium reconciliation or health insurance reconciliation) is a monthly review of premium invoices against your company's payroll deductions to check for any discrepancies. Your company's benefits enrollment information and payroll deductions spreadsheet may contain the employee's name, effective date, coverage, and premium cost. The goal is to ensure there are no under-or-over payments, that employees are enrolled in the correct insurance plans, and that you're not paying premiums for terminated employees. The point person for this process will then determine what action needs to be taken to rectify any errors. This process is typically done by any HR Benefits Specialist or someone in Accounting.
Why should I automate the Benefits Reconciliation™ process?
Anytime there’s a manual process, inadvertent errors can be introduced. And anyone who’s ever done reconciliation of benefits knows that this process is extremely time-intensive and prone to errors, especially for companies with a large number of employees (and many monthly changes!). It’s very easy to miss over-or-under payments or if an employee is in the wrong plan or not enrolled at all. If errors are not caught in time, employers can face unexpected expenses and potential lawsuits.
How do companies typically reconcile their benefits?
A lot of companies perform this process using spreadsheets or print-outs and rulers highlighting areas of concern or discrepancy. Either process lends itself to mistakes, and even more so if there’s a change in HR personnel where historical insights are lost. We also hear that some companies are not auditing their benefits bills at all, which really not advisable.
We receive multiple carrier invoices a month, all in different formats. Will I need to convert this data to a default format for EverythingBenefits to work with?
No. EverythingBenefits is capable of working with all different file formats. During implementation, we will identify how your carriers are structuring their bills, and which file format they typically send. We will configure our system to support these files so that your only responsibility is to import them each month.
We support thousands of Employers, HCM Providers, PEOs, Payroll Providers, Brokers, ERP and Carriers
  • Employers
    We work with 11,000+ employers in all industries
  • HCM Providers
    We simplify the intersection of payroll and benefits
  • Brokers
    Address your clients needs and surpass expectations
  • Carriers
    Seamlessly connected to over 600+ carriers
With Benefits Reconciliation™, I no longer have to look between excel spreadsheet and payroll software to look up each benefit record. I would advise anyone who is manually reconciling their invoices to schedule some time for a Benefits Reconciliation™ demo.
Sherry L Clark
Sr. Benefits Specialist at Propel HR


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