Carrier Connectivity

Deliver your benefits data quickly and accurately with Verify or Trust Technology® to over 600 insurance carriers!

Ensure enrollment data and relevant updates get to insurance carriers quickly, accurately, and without manual or redundant processes using the most advanced customizable integration to communicate and verify employee benefits.


Reduce the time it takes to set up carrier connections to just 8-14 weeks. With digital enrollment forms, we can even cut that down to 2-3 weeks!

  • Any size group
  • Automatically send the right data to the right carrier
  • Reduce carrier response time by 80-90%


Automatically and securely deliver enrollment and benefits data to your insurance carriers for:

  • Open enrollment
  • Life change events
  • New enrollments
  • Address changes
  • Terminations

Carrier Network

Connect instantly with our growing network of 600+ carriers to communicate data related to Health, Dental, Life, Vision, Disability, and other benefits. We're always growing our list of carriers!

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Carrier Connectivity FAQ's

Reports & Analytics

Get real-time access to EDI/fax reports, receive alerts when EDI feeds differentials higher than threshold, and quickly compare carrier transmissions to identify changes in coverage.

Reports & Analytics inside our Insurance Carrier Connectivity Dashboard
My experience working with EverythingBenefits over the last two years has been exceptional. I have had the privilege to work with many great people, who are always there to answer my questions and ensure a positive relationship exists. I would highly recommend EverythingBenefits to anyone searching for a provider that offers multiple solutions under one roof!
Jenae Swanson

Verify your benefits data and

dramatically reduce

carrier response time with our Carrier Connectivity Software


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