Carrier Connectivity

EverythingBenefits’ Carrier Connectivity solution reduces the manual process of communicating highly sensitive benefits data and connects you to a network of over 600 carriers.


Our Carrier Connectivity

  • Reduce the time it takes to set up carrier connections to just 2-4 weeks with Smart Forms
  • Connect automatically with our growing network of 600+ carriers
  • Reduce carrier response time by 80-90%
  • Communicate data related to Health, Dental, Life, Vision, Disability, and other benefits
  • Securely deliver enrollment and benefits data to your insurance carriers for open enrollment, address changes, etc.
  • Reduce errors, delays, manual processes, and focus our efforts on other areas of HR

See Carrier Connectivity in Action

We'd love to show you what our Carrier Connectivity solution can do for your business. Take the first step now!
Expansive Carrier Network
Connect to our network of over 600+ carriers
Quick Setup
Digital enrollment forms can be set-up in 2-4 weeks!
Support Any Benefit
Supports providers with virtually every type of benefit
Versatile & Flexible
Works for any size company for any type of benefit
Gain Control
Full transparency into which benefit plans are being exported to each carrier
In-depth tools
Allows user to review full files, previously sent data, and to compare files
Whether your group has 10,000 or 50 employees on the plan, get up and running in days and enjoy real-time access to communication reports. Our support team is always monitoring files, so you’ll be notified if your attention is needed.
  • EDIs are configured by the EverythingBenefits’ team to be delivered on the days and times the carriers will accept them
  • Each file can be set up to include the events and data the carriers require
  • Full transparency into which benefit plans are being exported to each carrier
  • In-depth tools allow users to review full files, previously sent data, and to compare multiple files at a time


Did you know that a company with 1,000 employees spends 6 months a year, manually managing carriers, driving $66K in liability exposure

To see the potential impact of manual carrier admin, use the slider below
How Many Employees do you have Today?
# of Employees
Cost of Benefits per Participant per Month
Cost of Benefits
How Many Carriers do you use Today?
# of Carriers
Monthly Benefits Spend
It takes 15 mins per employee per month to manually manage carrier forms, life change events and other information
Time Spent Managing Benefits Carriers
The use of this formula does not constitute legal or professional advice and should be used for informational purposes only. Specific values may vary depending on your business situation.
Frequently asked questions
What is EverythingBenefits Carrier Connectivity and how does it work?
EverythingBenefits Carrier Connectivity solution allows companies to automate the delivery of benefit enrollment data and any changes directly to insurance carriers. The HR data provided by an employee during open enrollment, eligibility changes, or life change events is automatically communicated from our clients' HRIS or our own benefits enrollment solution, transformed into any of the required carrier formats, and is securely transferred to any of the 600+ insurance carriers in our carrier network. The solution reduces the time it takes to build an automated connection to a few weeks and can work for any sized group.
What are the benefits of using our Carrier Connectivity solution?
Our Carrier Connectivity solution reduces the manual method of communicating highly sensitive benefits data, it works for any-size groups and is fast! What's more, our system will monitor every ongoing communication to ensure smooth and worry-free ongoing experience. The clients have access to our portal where they can access every communication and be in the loop of what was sent to whom and when.
What is an EDI and how does it work?
EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange. It is an electronic communication method that provides standards for exchanging data via any electronic means. EverythingBenefits team and technology takes all the necessary steps to build and QA the EDI file and make the process seamless and automated for clients.
My carriers will not accept an EDI file. How can benefits data be communicated to them?
Don’t worry if your carriers will not accept EDI files. EverythingBenefits can communicate data using our Smart Form solution. These digitized forms are populated by the system and sent to your carriers’ contacts. This removes the need for employees to manually fill out these forms, and for administrators to key-in enrollments on carrier websites.
We support thousands of Employers, HCM Providers, PEOs, Payroll Providers, Brokers, ERP and Carriers
  • Employers
    We work with 11,000+ employers in all industries
  • HCM Providers
    We simplify the intersection of payroll and benefits
  • Brokers
    Address your clients needs and surpass expectations
  • Carriers
    Seamlessly connected to over 600+ carriers
With EverythingBenefits, we have direct access to data and carriers that was missing with our old vendor
Michele Danner
Benefits Manager at Goodwill


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