Consolidated Billing & Payments

Fed up with generating your own carrier invoices and paying your own bills?

Self-insured and self-billed employers rave about EverythingBenefits powerful consolidated billing and payments solution that takes care of automatically generating and processing carrier invoices across any line-up of plans, business units and locations.

Adjustments Engine

Everyone’s nemesis is a non-issue here - auto-adjust as far back as needed. Configurable workflows automatically drive approvals sequence for the best design of controls.

Your Bills

Payments automatically remitted to one or more carriers. Automated audits and exports into accounting / ERP platforms

Complete Control

You decide whether to configure one/more invoice to generate based on your own criteria

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Activity Summary

Review all activity for each group you're generating invoices for. Leverage automatic reminders to never forget about an invoice.


Automatically Bill Clients

Invoice generators allow you to automatically bill your insurance providers for services rendered

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My experience working with EverythingBenefits over the last two years has been exceptional. I have had the privilege to work with many great people, who are always there to answer my questions and ensure a positive relationship exists. I would highly recommend EverythingBenefits to anyone searching for a provider that offers multiple solutions under one roof!
Jenae Swanson

stop paying your own bills

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