Cost Containment & Analytics

The only automated tools that give you complete cost transparency over your benefits cycle.

Uncover Hidden Costs
Hidden Costs

Take control of your monthly premium costs and eliminate overpayments by easily comparing carrier invoices and employee premiums.

Eliminate Unnecessary Errors
Unnecessary Errors

Quickly review and confirm the accuracy of your group health plan benefits, including names, addresses, spouses, dependents, and more.

Simplify your benefits billing
Your Benefits Billing

Smart workflows drive company-appropriate approval processes and increase transparency when remitting payments.

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A single source of truth to

uncover hidden costs, eliminate unnecessary errors,

and view all benefits spend so you can make smarter, more informed business decisions.

Benefits Reconciliation

The industry’s only automated tool that continuously verifies plan data and ensures every dollar is accounted for without having to lift a finger:

  • Payroll integration
  • Algorithmic matching
  • Activity monitoring
  • Plan data verification
  • Drag-and-drop interface

Consolidated Billing & Payments

Automatically generate and process carrier invoices across any line-up of plans, business units and locations:

  • Configurable frequency
  • Auto-invoice generation
  • Participation analytics
  • Automated exports into accounting systems

Automated Dependent Eligibility Audit

Our automated solution keeps employers compliant, eliminates liability and reduces benefits expenses by thousands of dollars.

  • Completely automated
  • Sample notifications provided
  • Secure and fully audited
  • Visual status reports

I would advise anyone who is manually reconciling their invoices to schedule some time for a Benefits Reconciliation demo. Once you see the product and its capabilities in action you will be able to immediately recognize how useful this tool is. I no longer have to look between excel spreadsheet and then also be signed into our payroll software to look up each benefit record. The historical information is stored within the Benefits Reconciliation tool and viewable at all times.

Sherry L Clark, Sr. Benefits Specialist at Propel HR

Make the most of your investments

Get the data you need to uncover

and eliminate hidden costs with EverythingBenefits

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