Leave of Absence Management

Navigating compliance for FMLA and other state leaves can be complex, time-consuming, and manual across multiple platforms. Keep up with leaves of absence (LOAs), determine eligibility, log notes, automatically populate and mail template-ready documents, and run reporting all in one system with EverythingBenefits Leave of Absence Management!

Simplify Leave of Absence Management

Leave of Absence Management

  • In just 5 wizard-driven steps, create a leave request, determine eligibility, input leave schedule, and review and confirm entitlement.
  • Auto-verify leave eligibility on the spot during new leave request creation.
  • Make decisions easily with the ability to review history of leave requests in real-time.
  • Stay up-to-date and review leave status from your dashboard including the leave request, eligibility, entitlement, schedule, and history information.
  • Track what tasks you need to follow up on next to help you stay ahead of compliance issues.
  • Create custom rules to capture leaves unique to your organization.

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Simplify Compliance
Supports compliance with various federal and state entities including the FMLA
Save Time
Automatically populate and mail template-ready documents
Keep Data in Sync
Our relationships with 200+ HCM, HRIS, and PEO providers keep data connected
Schedule with Ease
Apply continuous or intermittent schedules to each requested leave
Eligibility on Auto-Pilot
Auto-verify leave eligibility on the spot during new leave request creation
Adapts to Your Needs
Ability to create custom rules to capture leaves unique to your company
Simplify Leave of Absence Management with EverythingBenefits' automated tools.
  • Update leaves in the system with new information and effortlessly re-evaluate eligibility
  • Populate templated notices, send out the mail, and record the letter with a few clicks of a button
  • Track next steps and stay on top of your open leaves and required follow-ups
  • Toggle the work schedule between Sunday-Saturday or Monday-Friday for differing schedules
Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I use a Leave of Absence solution for my organization?
There are hundreds of different types of leaves of absence programs, each with its own set of rules and compliance regulations to navigate. There are various federal and state entities including the FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act), as well as state specific leaves. Navigating compliance and managing documentation for FMLA and all the various applicable leaves can be complex, time consuming and manual across multiple platforms.
What does your Leave of Absence Management solution do?
Our solution simplifies every aspect of LOA management including determining leave eligibility, populating and mailing documents, logging communications, and reporting on all of the activity. Because of our close relationships with over 200 different HCM/HR/Payroll/PEO providers, our solution helps reduce some of the pain points of keeping the data in sync.
Do you support PEOs?
Yes, all of our solutions support organizations and industries of all types. Leave of Absence is particularly helpful for PEOs because they are typically multi-state employers, so the solution helps navigate this additional complexity ensuring they stay compliant no matter where their employees are based. 
Can your solution support our organizations' unique leave of absence policy?
Our solution is built with custom policies in mind. You can easily create custom rules to capture leaves unique to your company. We're also able to work with employees on different schedules. You can toggle the work schedule between Sunday-Saturday or Monday-Friday or create a custom schedule.
How long does the integration take?
As with all of our solutions, the integration is fast and seamless. Our technology is built to live on top of most pre-existing systems - so no technical overhaul is needed and we take pride at how rapidly we're able to integrate companies. Furthermore, EverythingBenefits is integrated with over 200 HR and PEO Platforms and providers such as ADP, PrismHR, iSolved, Kronos and many others, which makes accessing our solutions that much easier and convenient.
We support thousands of Employers, HCM Providers, PEOs, Payroll Providers, Brokers, ERP and Carriers
  • Employers
    We work with 11,000+ employers in all industries
  • HCM Providers
    We simplify the intersection of payroll and benefits
  • Brokers
    Address your clients needs and surpass expectations
  • Carriers
    Seamlessly connected to over 600+ carriers


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