New Hire Reporting

Finally, a “set it and forget it” new hire reporting solution!

Proactively monitor for new hire events in your payroll/HR system, generate new hire reports, and automatically deliver notices of your recent hires to respective local and state authorities in compliance with the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act.

Flexible Integrations

Integrate your current HR/Payroll platform and pull data to generate a new hire report using any standard Application Programming Interface (API).

Proactive Monitoring

Proactively monitor for new hire reports and receive immediate notification when your report is generated in our system.

Auditing Capabilities

Keep track of sent notices and forms in our system and always be notified when we generate your new hire report.

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Track New Hires in One Report

Have a consolidated view on what new hires need to be reported to the appropriate state agency, and what appropriate actions to take.

Track New Hires in One Report with our New Hire Reporting Software

Check Delivery Status Instantly

Always be kept in-the-loop and know the exact delivery status of each generated new hire report.

Check Delivery Status Instantly in our New Hire Reporting Software
Implementing Automated New Hire Reporting was seamless because the solution already lived within our HCM platform…the solution virtually eliminated all the manual processes and the high-risk of human error.
Alice Hinton
Human Resources Product Manager at Innovative Business Solution (IBS)

Don’t wait for data. Be proactive with our

Automated New Hire Reporting

solution that does all the heavy lifting for you

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