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Benefits enrollment. Ask anyone what they like about it. The chances are you will hear the sound of silence. Nobody truly likes benefits enrollment and management. By and large it's a mind-numbing slurry of the paper forms, infinite checkboxes, checking and rechecking, endless reminders, a significant frustration. And once you are done, are you really done or have you just got a short break until it comes back in full force again next year, or when a qualified life event occurs?

Whether you are an employee, an employer, HRIS Provider, benefits consultant, or a broker, Benefits enrollment is more than likely paper-based, entails a thankless process that takes time and is open to a multitude of pitfalls that include dealing with handwriting, battling to distinguish between a letter D or an O, wondering where in the chain the application is, not knowing if the next person in the approval chain is out sick or only works on Wednesdays. And don't even get us started on compliance... isn't it about time this process was more fully optimized and automated?

Thankfully the entire painful, unpredictable and clumsy process is now streamlined, simplified, streamlined, mobile, and accessible. EverythingBenefits secure enterprise cloud technology is at your service to...



Everything About Benefits Management

No more scratched heads asking if something is needed or not, logic and clarity reign supreme for all parties involved

  • Complexity Unraveled: technology should make enrolling in benefits be as simple as ordering a take out? Understand your options, make your choices, "Click Here" to order.

  • Intuitive: No one has the time to spend countless hours in the classroom learning how to use yet another tool. Eliminate the learning curve with a natural and easy to use solution.

  • Straightforward: Prevail over one of the the most frustrating aspects of benefits management: keeping track of the workflow. No need to wonder how many round trips to get the final approval for an application or finding the final version of an application for that matter. Keeping track of the status of team's enrollment forms or meeting effective date deadlines are as simple as letting the EverythingBenefits solution do much of the work for you.

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Understanding with certainty every aspect of the benefits management process increases efficiency and brings peace of mind to every user

  • You Know Where You Are: How much time until the next enrollment? What's the next step? Smart workflows & to-dos help ensure the process remains simple and no items are forgotten. You choose how you'd like to be notified when your input is important

  • You Own Your KPIs: Dashboards that zero-in on your specific key performance indicators that propagate down across the team ensuring transparency and accountability at every level of your organization

  • Future Within Reach: Smart analytics make forecasting second nature. You can anticipate changes in cost and adjust pro-actively. You can use powerful adaptable reporting features to help examine broad perspective of the benefits management and unravel hidden inefficiencies and opportunities for further improvement
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Change is About The Only Thing That's Constant

Stop the rat race of trying to keep up with the latest products and compliance mandates. Rely on today's leading technology to keep you ahead of the game

Rigid business processes are a thing of the past: Your business needs today may not be the same they were a year ago, let alone a month ago. Legislative and compliance requirements seem to be just as volatile. The benefits industry landscape never remains constant.

To be successful businesses need to be nimble and adapt to change. When it makes sense to invest in streamlining a company's core strengths, limiting time and resource demands on non-mission critical processes such as benefits management has become increasing important. Especially to enhance a company's overall performance.

EverythingBenefits technology excels in adapting to internal and external changes. It drives excellence and success by ensuring you are able to focus on the core objectives of your organization.

The time and cost savings are considerable, and above all with EverythingBenefits everyone benefits, because the technology serves you just like your iPad, tablet or smartphone. You will wonder how you ever did without it.

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Your boldest vision is within reach with technology that boosts your natural strengths

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in a typical benefits enrollment process? From an employee becoming eligible (which may be a process in itself), begins a flurry of activity. From brokers supplying the necessary forms, to HR Admins ensuring accuracy, to employees making their selections, back to the HR Admins for a few more rounds of review and approval, and back to the broker for another review and another round trip or painstaking data entry... While we celebrate hard work of the people actively participating in every step, the actual process is tedious, repetitive, and error-prone. And we bet most of those people actually involved would rather do anything else but this work.

EverythingBenefits streamlines the entire enrollment workflow by automating virtually all the steps and processes along the way, building new carrier connections, and pulling in information from various systems internal and external to the organization.

No more waiting for an answer or flipping through endless pages of product literature and lists of keywords searching for a single code; at the click of a button or tap of a screen it's there.

With EverythingBenefitstm - Everyone Benefits

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