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What does EverythingBenefits mean to our clients?

"Everything Benefits has streamlined our benefits administration process. In the past there was manual data entry for more than 7 different benefit sites, leaving much room for human error, missed applications, incorrect plan elections, etc. The time EverythingBenefits has saved us is tremendous!"
Sarah D. on G2
Senior Human Resources Generalist
"Our clients love that it’s a one stop shop with us and that COBRA activities can be managed within their HR Administration System. Also, the steady revenue stream is one of the biggest benefits of our partnership with EverythingBenefits."
Matt Lovitz
Business Technology Consultant at BerganKDV
"Consistently delivers superior service and support. EverythingBenefits products - Benefit Carrier, New Hire Reporting, Retirement Plan Feeds & COBRA Administration - are superior to the competition. They continue to evolve their implementation, open enrollment and products to keep ahead of industry trends."
Alice Hinton
HR Product Manager @ Innovative Business Solutions
"Before EverythingBenefits, I was manually reconciling our benefits invoices. It would take days (literally) and all our invoices were not able to be exported to a spreadsheet. Once we implemented EverythingBenefits, what took me a week now takes a business day. I also identified over $200K in billing errors this year."
Shared on G2
“ACA reporting is a life saver! I can’t say enough good things about it. EverythingBenefits’ Customer Service team is friendly and knowledgeable and help us better understand ACA reporting."
Joseph Riddle
HR Generalist @ Lipari Foods
“The [Financial Connectivity] set up was quick and seamless – it took less than an hour and I love that everything is in one system now. Having EverythingBenefits gives us more time to do other things and other projects, as well as increased productivity by 20%.
Tequila Brooks
Director of HR @ Covenant House
“The automation of benefits reconciliation allowed us to reallocate the labor-intensive resources that were spent on manual processes, giving us more time and allowing us to be more efficient on other areas”
Sherry L Clark
Sr. Benefits Specialist @ Propel HR
EverythingBenefits has taken a great load off our plate! The layout of the Everything Benefits UI inside our payroll system is phenomenal. I really enjoy how they took the time to lay out all portions of the UI here. One of clients recently signed up with Everything Benefits and so far they are enjoying the system and the process very much!
Shared on G2
"You definitely want to use automation for Benefits Enrollment because it cuts back on errors and you’ll never forget to enroll someone. Integrating Carrier Connectivity was seamless and now everything is running smoothly.”
Dawn Fitzgerald
HR Manager @ HWI
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FrankCrum, one of the nation's largest PEO's, has partnered with EverythingBenefits to provide their business clients and employees with access the entire suite of benefits.
GNSA, an Oregon-based Payroll, Human Resource and Benefits Administration firm forged a partnership with EverythingBenefits in order to automate their EDI processes and optimize their internal resources.
Propel HR, a human resource consulting company integrated Benefits Reconciliation solution to help automate their clients’ monthly carrier invoice audits, the integration of which, resulted in substantial time-saving, increased data-accuracy, and improved client satisfaction.
AccuPay, a Missouri-based full-service payroll company, integrated EverythingBenefits' Carrier Connectivity to improve Benefits Enrollment processes for their client, HWI Environmental Technologies.

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