Here's what our clients say about our solutions

“Since switching to the integrated COBRA administration offering by EverythingBenefits, our tasks related to COBRA and State Compliance have been reduced. It has been a huge time-saver that leads to an ROI for other projects. EverythingBenefits team has been awesome to work with!”  

Employ Source, Inc
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"Our new COBRA administration solution through EverythingBenefits helps automate the entire process and cuts down the manual work that we had to do. THE WAY EVERYTHING FEEDS AUTOMATICALLY IS BEAUTIFUL. We were spending about an hour per week which admittedly doesn’t sound like much but it really feels like a big difference not having to do that anymore.”  

Sarah Driver, 
Sr. HR Specialist at De Wafelbakkers


"The old way was a painful process! With EverythingBenefits we have DIRECT ACCESS TO DATA AND CARRIERS that was missing with our old vendor. We received constant communication during integration that we wouldn’t have gotten with another vendor that we were considering." 

Michele Danner,
 Benefits Manager at Goodwill 

"The team was great to work with! They are very responsive to changes and questions. We have and continue to use EverythingBenefits for EDI transfers in our benefits portal. This was a new process for my company and we have learned a lot but have enjoyed the benefit."  

Review on Capterra

"Implementing Automated New Hire Reporting was seamless because the solution already lived within our HCM platform…the solution virtually eliminated all the manual processes and the high-risk of human error."

Alice Hinton,
 Human Resources Product Manager at Innovative Business Solution (IBS)


"We didn’t have one good Open Enrollment before we came on with EverythingBenefits [Carrier Connectivity solution] and we’ve had a lot more effectiveness with that. Everything is going smoothly and works great. WE'RE VERY HAPPY". 

Jacqueline Reno, Benefits Implementation Specialist @ Alliance

"You definitely want to use automation for Benefits Enrollment because it cuts back on errors and you’ll never forget to enroll someone.  Integrating Carrier Connectivity was seamless and now everything is running smoothly. It now takes no time at all…20 seconds compared to an hour.”  

Dawn Fitzgerald,
 HR Manager at HWI

"The automation of manual tasks  enabled our team to divert attention to revenue generating activities and INCREASED OUR PROFIT-MARGIN BY 30%" [Carrier Connectivity solution]

Katharina Fink, 
Director of Client Services at GNSA

"I love the automatic feeds of data and information, it keeps everything up to date and real time and cuts out duplicate data entry with just one data entry point. Has helped with invoice reconciling, data-accuracy is higher and my time is freed up to focus on other higher priority jobs instead of having to enter the same data multiple times for each benefit website." 

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“[What had the most impact was] the ability to use Digitized Forms versus just EDI. This has opened the doors to offer these products to a much broader range of prospects. Before we were only able to work with clients 75 employees and above and now I can go to smaller clients with the solutions. This allowed me to increase the number of prospective clients from 20-70%.  

Katharina Fink,
 Director of Client Services at GNSA

"I would advise anyone who is manually reconciling their invoices to schedule some time for a Benefits Reconciliation demo. Once you see the product and its capabilities in action you will be able to immediately recognize how useful this tool is. I no longer have to look between excel spreadsheet and then also be signed into our payroll software to look up each benefit record. The historical information is stored within the Benefits Reconciliation tool and viewable at all times.” 

Sherry L Clark, 
Sr. Benefits Specialist at Propel HR


Everyone in HR should see the Financial Integrations demo - just to see what impact automation would have on their company. For us, EverythingBenefits Financial Integration BOOSTED OUR PRODUCTIVITY BY 20%. The set up was quick and seamless. I love that everything is in one system now. Having EverythingBenefits gives us more time to focus on other projects and we’ve seen an increase in our productivity from not having to do manual work.” 

Tequila Brooks, 
Director of Human Resources at Covenant House

"The software and customer support have been a very positive experience. The software is very user friendly. The dashboard view when logging in makes it very easy to find information."

Software Advice, August 2019