12 Things PEOs should know about EverythingBenefits

  1. Comprehensive Benefits Automation Solutions complement PEOs own offerings and enable them to streamline benefits management, identify and correct carrier billing errors, as well as automate COBRA - all while giving their clients a more satisfying and seamless benefits experience.

  2. We really do, everything benefits. Just like our name implies, our solutions cover the entire gamut of benefits experience; from Benefits Enrollment to COBRA Administration, Dependent Eligibility Audit and even automated New Hire Reporting. See all of our solutions here.
  3. We're integrated with TOP PEO platforms in the US making the integration and data sync, seamless! Some of our partners include PrismHR, PayPlus, and ThinkWare.

  4. Carrier Connectivity made SIMPLE. The benefits space has a wide array of carrier forms such as enrollment, changes, and termination of coverage - which all spells a lot of one offs and manual work for PEOs. With our Carrier Connectivity solution and tools, our PEO partners can communicate sensitive employee and benefits data quickly and automatically.
  5. Cobra Administration INTEGRATED with PEOs system of record. While many PEOs are experienced in managing COBRA administration or work with knowledgeable third-party COBRA administrators, many arrangements aren’t automated and don’t include integration with PEO system of record. Our COBRA solution automates the entire COBRA process while keeping PEOs in compliance at all times.

  6. AUTOMATED Benefits Reconciliation solution. For PEOs, who often reconcile invoices for dozens of plans and thousands of employees, monthly benefits reconciliation can take days to weeks to complete each month. Our automated Benefits Reconciliation solution saves a significant amount of time by automatically identifying and flagging errors and invoice inconsistencies, helping PEOs quickly identify and eliminate over-payments, under-payments, and other invoice issues.
  7. Proactive Data Management ensures PEOs stay on top of evolving data trends within their ecosystem and are empowered to make timely and relevant decisions.

  8. Powerful analytics ensure that PEOs have transparency and control of data as well as insights into critical KPIs that help drive better decision making at every level.
  9. Our technology may already be a click away. EverythingBenefits is integrated with over 200+ HR Platforms and providers such as PrismHR, ADP, iSolved, Kronos and many others. If you are within any of these ecosystems, EverythingBenefits is integrated already. If you are an HR platform, click here to see what we can do for you.

  10. A dedicated team from onboarding on. Our customer success team customizes the onboarding experience, and provides training and project management until the product(s) go live and on. Even after the products are live, we continue to be there for you as your needs evolve.  

  11. Innovation is our middle name. We're in the business of driving truly revolutionary solutions that change our clients lives. For instance, our Benefits Reconciliation was the industry’s first automated solution that eliminated one of the most tedious, error-prone processes in HR. We really love automating!
  12. Our clients always win. Don't just take our word of it! Read some of the success stories shared here by our friends: Testimonials and Case Studies.

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